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Ahria 001
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 13
Affiliation Humans
Family Father
Voice Actors
Japanese Rie Kugimiya (釘宮 理恵, Kugimiya Rie)
English N/A

Ahria is human child bearing a striking resemblance to Mithra that befriends Asura during his time on Gaea.


Ahria was born within a village inhabited by a sizable settlement of humans that was ritually attacked by the Gohma and indoctrinated with a belief in the gods. Five-hundred years after his second death, Asura's body was sealed within Gaea. Petrified in stone at the base of a mountain, a shrine had been built around it by the descendants of the villagers he saved. The remaining humans believed him to be a guardian against the absent Gohma. Sometime ago when Gohma attacked Ahria's village, the Seven Deities purified the area and killed multiple Gohma and humans alike. Among the human lives lost, Ahria's father was killed attempting to protect his daughter while urging her his sacrifice was necessary. After seeing that the Deities had killed her father, the girl refused to look at them as gods and give her life to them. Since then, she has also tried to convince others to see things her way and to not willingly die for the Deities, to little avail.

One fateful day, Ahria stood in front of the shrine with a baby in her arms, singing a song in an unknown language and Asura breaks free from his imprisonment after hearing the infant's cries. A group of Gohma then appeared and kidnapped Ahria as Asura follows, determined to save her because of his thought that she was Mithra, due to the striking resemblance between Mithra and the Ahria. After defeating the Gohma, Asura follows the girl back to her besieged village as a purification is taking place.

When the village is about to be purified, the villagers all on their knees and begging to be sacrificed, Ahria begs them to run away, but they do not listen. She takes the baby, and grabs another child's hand and drags them away to safety. Once the Gohma have been defeated, she returns, horrified to find that everyone has died. Asura assures her that he will take care of the situation, and leaves. Ahria later seeks out Asura, determined to find him.

Ahria finds Asura a few days after his battle with Augus, and he is once again turned to stone. He is then revived soon after the girl finds him, and she returns him to the village. However, just as they arrive, another fleet, commanded by the Deity Olga launches a barrage of missiles to purify the land. Asura survives the attack, but finds the Ahria's charred body in the rubble. Consumed by rage, Asura loses control, transforming into a form known as Berserk Asura and wiping out most of the fleet within minutes. Despite all her efforts, Ahria's soul still wound up as just another piece to power up the Mantra.

Trivia Edit

  • It was speculated by many fans that the girl's name is Aria, since when she witnessed Asura burst out of the shrine, she made a hand motion where she pointed to herself, which is often used when introducing yourself and said the word 'Aria' as she was making the hand gesture. This was later proven by supplemental materials.