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Quote1 Everyone did nothing but pray. But he took action! Quote2
— Ahria's admiration towards Asura for standing against the Deities

Ahria or Ahrya (アーリャ, Ārya), otherwise known as Girl, is a human girl bearing a striking resemblance to Asura's daughter, Mithra. She befriends Asura during his time on Gaea after he comes across her village.


Ahria 001

Ahria is a young girl with long dark hair and hazel eyes. She wears a brooch on her hair, a green winter coat with a red band carrying small sacks and a pouch, purple pants and snow boots. Her most notable feature is her striking resemblance to Mithra.


Ahria is a kind and gentle girl. Though faithful and worshipful towards Asura, after the Seven Deities massacred her village, she began to harbor doubt and hatred towards the gods and is the only member of the human race to renounce them. She also resents her fellow people for their blind faith in the deities, even at the cost of their own life, constantly reprimanding them and telling them to stop.



Ahria was born within a village inhabited by a sizable settlement of humans that was ritually attacked by the Gohma and indoctrinated with a belief in the gods.

Sometime ago, when Gohma attacked Ahria's village, the forces of the Seven Deities purified the area and killed multiple Gohma and humans alike. Among the human lives lost, Ahria's father was killed in the crossfire whilst attempting to protect his daughter. As he died, he attempted to assure her that his sacrifice was necessary. Seeing that the Deities' soldiers had killed her father, however, the girl refused to look at them as gods and give her life to them. Since then, she has also tried to convince others to see things her way and to not willingly die for the Deities, to little avail.

500 Years after Asura's death

Five-hundred years after his second death, Asura's body was sealed within Gaea. Petrified in stone at the base of a mountain, a shrine had been built around it by the descendants of the villagers he saved. The remaining humans believed him to be a guardian against the absent Gohma. Out of all the humans who live in the village, Ahria was the only one who prayed at Asura's shrine. This was due in part to the facts that the aura of anger the shrine exuded did not frighten the girl away like it does the other villagers, and the great resemblance between Asura and the girl's late father.

On one fateful day, as Ahria stood in front of the shrine with a baby in her arms, singing a song in her people's language, Asura broke free from his imprisonment after hearing the infant's cries. A group of Gohma then appeared and kidnapped Ahria as Asura gave chase, determined to save her, having mistaken Ahria for Mithra due to the striking resemblance between the young mortal and his daughter. After Asura saves Ahria and defeats the attacking Gohma, the girl and her fellow villagers approach the demigod and kneel before him in supplication, to his disgust.

When the Deity Kalrow and his forces arrive to purify the village, the villagers, save Ahria, all get on their knees and beg to be sacrificed. Ahria, horrified at the ensuing slaughter, begs them to run away, but they do not listen. She takes the baby, grabs her mother's hand and drags them away to safety. Once Kalrow’s forces have been defeated, Asura is distracted from beating on the last surviving Doji soldier in an attempt to work off his anger, when he hears and sees Ahria despondently beating on a dead Doji soldier with a rock, all the while (presumably) cursing the Deities in between her sobs. Looking around, Asura finds Ahria's mother dead, and the baby nowhere to be found. His sympathy overcoming his ever-present wrath, Asura stops her, assuring her that he will take care of the situation, and leaves. Ahria, inspired by the way he took action against the cruelty of the Seven Deities, attempts to seek him out, determined to find him.

She witnesses Asura's fall from the heavens after he killed Kalrow, and is approached by Augus, who tells her not to worry for Asura, assuring her that he will not die from the fall, and then laughingly brags that it is he who will kill Asura. She does not seem to react to his words in any way, possibly because she neither recognizes him as one of the Seven Deities, nor does she even understand what he is saying.

She is reunited with Asura upon the conclusion of his battle with Augus, bearing witness to the latter’s death. Upon sighting a large force of Gohma, led by a Gohma Striker, she can do nothing but fall to her knees in despair. However, Asura takes up the remains of Augus' Wailing Dark and steps forward to battle. Her hope renewed, she attempts to follow him, but is quickly left behind. All she can do is watch the explosion of Asura's power. She soon journeys to the scene, finding Asura again naught but a stone statue, having succumbed to his injuries from the battle and his own body unable to contain the rage within.

A week later, Asura revives himself once more to her joy. Unlike last time, however, his arms were not restored with the rest of him. Worried by this, Ahria leads Asura to a nearby village, where, to both their discontent, the villagers immediately start bowing and scraping before Asura, begging him to take their souls to Heaven and ignoring Ahria's cries for them to stop. In the end, all the poor girl can do is calm Asura's rage to manageable levels and lead him to a place where he can rest. However, at that moment, another fleet, commanded by the Deity Olga, arrives, deploying soldiers to kill Asura and 'purify' the land. In the midst of all this, Ahria runs off, determined to save as many people as she can; the aforementioned possible language barrier preventing her from understanding Asura's command to stay with him where it's safe.

They are later reunited, when Asura sees her running in his direction with a young boy in tow. His relief is short-lived, however, as Olga commands a missile strike on the village. Asura survives the attack, but finds Ahria's charred body in the rubble. Consumed by rage, Asura loses control, transforming into a form known as Berserker Asura and wiping out most of the fleet within minutes. It is unclear if Ahria's soul ends up as fuel for the Mantra, but one soul in particular disappears into the Heavens, never to be seen again.


  • It was speculated by many fans that the girl's name is "Ahria", since when she witnessed Asura burst out of the shrine, she made a hand motion where she pointed to herself, which is often used when introducing oneself, and said the word '"Ahria/Ahrya" as she was making the hand gesture. This was later proven by supplemental materials.
  • Interestingly, Ahria shares the same Japanese voice actress with Mithra.