Asura's Wrath
Developer(s): CyberConnect2
Publisher(s): Capcom
Release date: JP February 22, 2012
NA February 21, 2012
EU February 24, 2012
Genre: Action, Beat 'em up
Game modes: Single-player
Ratings: BBFC: 15
PEGI: 16
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Xbox 360

Asura's Wrath is an action video game collaboration between CyberConnect2 and Capcom that was first announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2010. It was released in Japan and North America for the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. It was released on February 21st for North America, 22nd for Japan, 24th for Europe and March 9th for the UK .

Story[edit | edit source]

Long ago, the mighty nation of Shinkoku Tastrium, sole super power and center of civilization, dominates the world. It is a hybrid civilization melding modern industrial technology with spiritualism and religion. The upper class, known as demigods, rule over humankind in a strict hierarchial society.

But even the great demigods of this world have a vexing problem - the Gohma. Monstrous creatures borne of defiled land instinctively attack demigos, humankind, and civilization itself. Virtually powerless, humankind is at the mercy of daily attacks by the Gohma. Their only hope lies with the demigods.

Eight deities known as "The Eight Guardian Generals" battled to protect civilization from the destructive force of Gohma. Asura and his comrades ultimately led the Shinkoku Army to victory over Gohma Vlitra, the source of all Gohma, after many bloody, hard-fought battles. Thus, Shinkoku enjoyed a brief moment of peace. But this tranquility is shattered during the victory celebration, by the assassination of the Emperor of Shinkoku and the blame of the crime is placed on Asura. Asura's comrades, the other seven Guardian Generals, were behind it all. In the middle of the commotion, Asura's wife Durga is murdered and his darling daughter Mithra is abducted by the Guardian Generals. With everyone turning against him, Asura is stripped of all his powers and defeated, and banished from Heaven down to Naraka. Awoken by a voice after 12,000 years, Asura vows revenge on all those who have betrayed him, and reclaim his daughter.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Players take control of Asura, with each chapter in the game playing out like an episode of an anime series. The game incorporates various gameplay elements, which require the player to build up a meter at the top of the screen which will allow them to activate a 'Burst' which allows them to progress through the story. Whilst the game mainly features cinematic sequences which feature quick time events, there are various different types of gameplay available. Examples include players fighting one on one against opponents, or dodging enemy fire in shoot 'em up sections.

Downloadable content[edit | edit source]

Episode 11.5 is the first downloadable episode and provides players with an insight into what happens between two episodes from the full game. Episode 15.5 is set to be released on April 3rd, 2012. Both offer a completely new artistic style taking their inspiration from the world of anime and will each be available to purchase for 160 MS points on Xbox Live and $1.99 on PlayStation Network.

On April 24 another downloadable content pack will be released, bringing players a bundle of four brand new action and rage packed episodes that continue the story of Asura’s Wrath and reveal an extra twist. The episodes bundle will be downloadable for 560 MS Points and $6.99 on PSN.

Arriving in May, the last of the Asura’s Wrath DLC promises Asura’s ultimate battles. Players will be able to take on Street Fighter's favorites Ryu and Akuma. Asura will take on Ryu in a battle of the angriest on May 9 before competing against the strongest, Akuma, on May 16. Each of these DLC packs will cost 160 MS points on Xbox Live and $1.99 on PlayStation Network.

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