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Part I: Suffering

This is a list of all the episodes from the first story part of Asura's Wrath.

# Cover Title Overview
1 Episode 1 Asura's Wrath The Coming of a New Dawn The eternal struggle between the Demigods and the Gohma was finally drawing to an end. The Shinkoku Army is led by the great warriors of Gaea -- The Eight Guardian Generals. One of them, the fearless Asura, charges forward with the aid of his Priestess daughter, Mithra. The final battle against the Gohma begins!
2 Episode 2 Cover Betrayal and Vengeance Priestess Mithra lent her power to the Shinkoku Army, and all of Gaea rejoiced at the victory over Vlitra... But this time of celebration did not last. For in the shadows of victory, the wheels of betrayal had already been set in motion. One that would shake the very foundation of Shinkoku...
3 Asura's Wrath Episode 3 Cover Hell on Gaea Labeled a traitor, with his wife killed and his daughter taken from him, all he has left is his wrath. Refusing to die, Asura awakens in a strange world. There, a mysterious spider appears and begins to guide him, spurring Asura to make his way back to his world.
4 Asura's Wrath Episode 4 Cover Old Friends, New Enemies After a long slumber, Asura awakens on Gaea. 12,000 years have passed. The world he knew was no more, yet nothing had changed. The struggle between the humans and the Gohma continued to rage. As Asura witnesses the Gohma attack a village, a familiar face appears.
5 Episode 5 Cover Hollow Victory Now one of the self-proclaimed Seven Deities, Wyzen is intent on sending Asura back to Naraka. His power is more terrible and fearsome than when he served as one of the Eight Guardian Generals. His power threatens to crush Asura!
6 Asura's Wrath Episode 6 Cover Confessions of a Mask After the defeat of Wyzen, Asura's old rival, Yasha, appears. Ever calm and collected, he outmatches Asura in every regard. However, Yasha says something that ignites the fires of rage within Asura!


Part I: Suffering The Coming of a New DawnBetrayal and VengeanceHell on GaeaOld Friends, New EnemiesHollow VictoryConfessions of a Mask
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Part III: Karma Cause and EffectGods and MenA New CauseDefiancePower StruggleFeet of ClayThe Breaking PointA Turn of Events
Part IV: Nirvana The One Behind the CurtainThe Key to VictoryA Rude AwakeningA Life Well Lived
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