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Part III: Karma

This is a list of all the episodes from the third story part of Asura's Wrath.

# Cover Title Overview
13 Episode 13 Cover Cause and Effect Overwhelming power surging through him, Asura becomes strong enough to rival the Brahmastra. In an instant, he gains the power that took the Seven Deities 12,000 years to accumulate. This could be what finally ends their tyranny over the humans, and bring justice to the world.
14 Episode 14 Cover Gods and Men A horde of Gohma approaches the city. Sergei urges for purification, but Yasha decides to try and stop them on his own. Will he be able to save the city from the Gohma -- and purification?
15 AW Episode 15 Cover A New Cause Lost in rage, Asura rips Sergei in two. His anger is so terrible that it scalds his own body. Having lost all sense and reason, Asura turns to Yasha with fire in his eyes.
15.5 AW Episode 15.5 Cover Defiance In search of answers, Yasha makes his way to Deus' residence. What is the righteous path? Once they both believed in the same cause. But here their paths split, and their differences collide.
16 AW Episode 16 Cover Power Struggle Having regained consciousness, Asura heads to confront Deus. However, he finds Yasha in the midst of a heated battle. The two join forces to take on the leader of the Seven Deities. The three face off to determine the fate of Gaea!
17 Episode 17 Cover Feet of Clay Deus. Once the commander of the Eight Guardian Generals. A symbol of Shinkoku Trastrium's military might. And now, self-proclaimed god and leader of the The Seven Deities|Seven Deities. His reign of terror ends now.
18 AW Episode 18 Cover The Breaking Point The source of all Gohma... Vlitra -- the will of the planet. Casting a large shadow, it is more terrifying and monstrous than it was long ago. To save the world, Asura must overcome the will of Mother Gaea herself!
18 True Episode 18 Cover A Turn of Events Vlitra is the embodiment of the planet's rage. Its animosity threatens to eradicate civilization. Only when it is defeated, when Mother Gaea's children finally surpass her...will it all end. Or so it was believed.


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