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Part IV: Nirvana

This is a list of all the episodes from the fourth and final story part of Asura's Wrath. They are part of the DLC that contains the true ending of the story.

# Cover Title Overview
19 Episode 19 Cover The One Behind the Curtain It was not the end. There was still an enemy left to defeat. But who? With Deus defeated and Vlitra slain, who remains that still poses a threat to the world? Asura and Yasha prepare to face the mastermind behind it all.
20 Episode 20 Cover The Key to Victory Chakravartin. His power is unimaginable, and he sends Asura and Yasha falling towards Gaea. But the battle is far from over. Asura's body is at its limit, no longer able to contain his own wrath. Yasha searches for a way to awaken him.
21 Episode 21 Cover A Rude Awakening Asura and Yasha. They are like oil and water. Fire and ice. Yet the two rivals' fates never fail to cross. Their long journey together comes to an end.
22 Episode 22 Cover A Life Well Lived The time has come. The final battle lies just ahead. Asura closes his eyes. He sees visions of lost loved ones...and the shadow of the one behind it all. It is time to keep his take back what was stolen from him. Vengeance is within his grasp.


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Part IV: Nirvana The One Behind the CurtainThe Key to VictoryA Rude AwakeningA Life Well Lived
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