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Asura's Wrath is a fast paced action game much like the games God of War and Bayonneta. Asura's Wrath was produced by CyberConnect2 and published by Capcom. The game revolves around Asura, a disgraced former general of the Gods who is framed for the murder of the Emperor by one of his brethren. His wife murdered and only daughter kidnapped, Asura flies into a rage and tries to save his child, but is soundly beaten by the God, Deus, who reveals himself to be the actual murderer of the Emperor in an attempt to bring about "The Great Rebirth". After his defeat, Asura falls to Earth all the while swearing vengeance. For twelve millenia he layed in hibernation until he was awakened by a young girl's prayers. Along his journey, Asura will combat Heaven's soldiers, ferocious wild life, giant battleships, and other powerful foes. It is by that time, Asura's former friend and brother-in-law, Yasha begins to see the injustice in Deus' ways and attempts to stop the Seven Deities' cause.

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CNBA3 CNBA3 10 February 2018

Universal Conquest Invitation!

Greetings, I am here to invite people who are fans of either their Favorite Series Currently on my Wikia and/or Crossover Battles, This Wikia is for large scale army battles.


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Tyrannoraptor Tyrannoraptor 14 April 2015

what will happen if there is a mortal human fighting a deity/demigod?

Like for example: a young mortal warrior fighting a deity/demigod with martial arts & a katana sword.

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Tyrannoraptor Tyrannoraptor 12 April 2015

Which are the scariest enemies of "Asura's Wrath"?

The most frightening enemies of the game, Asura's Wrath.

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Pseudobread Pseudobread 17 May 2013

Apocalyptic games discussion with Fallout's Chris Avellone

Hey Asura's Wrath fans!

We recently sat down for a chat with game designer/writer Chris Avellone, and talked about the specifics of making a game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Well known for his wo…

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