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Demigods celebrating in the crown city of Shinto







  • Rule Gaea
  • Harness Mantra
  • Battle the Gohma

Demigods (神人) are one of the highest class of characters inhabiting Gaea presented in the series and are the instigators of many of the events taking a place throughout the Asura's Wrath storyline. They rule over the humans, are capable of harnessing Mantra and they constantly battle the Gohma in a neverending conflict.


The demigods in the story appear to be strikingly similar to humans but wore intricate and fanciful clothing and extravagant attire. Most of their clothing appeared to be similar those worn by ancient Chinese or Japanese nobles. The males generally appear to have markings on their face running throughout their bodies, while females appear to lack that specific trait either because they do not have them or because they are covered.


Due to their ability to harness Mantra, the combative demigods had the special ability to have the typical organs or appendages they sufficiently used for fighting in fierce conflicts converted from flesh to metal. A great majority of the race were not exhibited to have blood significantly differing from that of the humans, being a dull red in color, possibly due to not being combatants. Only the Eight Guardian Generals have been observed to have an ichor-like fluid flowing through their veins, though it is unknown if this is part of the augmentations touted by the Generals or simply a trait defined by the saturation of Mantra into their bodies. All Demigods seem to be considerably long-lived and can maintain the prime of their youth for a long period of time before showing signs of age.


The Demigods were originally a group of regular humans who were given the ability to harness the power of Mantra, the life-giving energy produced by emotions, using their bodies and will by Chakravartin. As they harnessed the Mantra, they became more technologically advanced and eventually elevated themselves into a race of cybernetically augmented humans. Through activating the Mantra within their bodies, they were able to enhance their physical abilities to a great extent. They used these enhanced capabilities and advancements in technology to promote the advancement of civilization and governed the baseline humans. Demigods showing an aptitude in the eight forms of Mantra were periodically selected to fill the seats of the Eight Guardian Generals, who commanded the Shinkoku army against the Gohma, a race of twisted creatures generated by Gaea to impede the Demigods' theft of souls in order to power their devices and their abuse of natural resources.

The humans living on Gaea treated Shinkoku's denizens as divine beings as such. However, in reality, this was but a misconception fostered by the enhanced, as they relied on the Mantra generated by humanity's prayers and souls as a crucial energy source for both their implants and machines. The Demigods' power actually stemmed from Mantra Reactors implanted in their bodies at birth that, as a side effect, slowly converted commonly used assets of the host into a type of metal, an example being Yasha's hands or Asura's entire arms. When in use, the reactor would generate a vertical halo behind the user that varied in size and detail depending on the amount exerted. This would dissolve, however, if enough kinetic force was applied to the host to knock the object far enough to where the Mantra Reactor could no longer sustain it. Very few demigods went out of their way to intentionally restore the ring once it was destroyed, implicating that the creation of one required a degree of concentration not afforded to someone in the thick of battle.

Powers and Abilities[]

Demigods are far more powerful than humans, which is due to their superhuman physiology and cybernetic enhancements, as well as the ability to harness Mantra. In addition, they possess immortality and are unable to age, having an eternal lifespan in comparison to humans. They are also capable of surviving in areas normal humans cannot such as space and the Moon.


  • The name of the race draws from the real life term, Demigod, which denotes an individual having godlike powers or traits that lend credence to their being sired by a deity