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Quote1 I will raise our daughter. You concentrate on making the world a safe place for her. You just do what you think is right. You're at your best when you're fighting for what's right. Please... Be safe... Quote2
— Durga to Asura

Durga (Japanese:ドゥルガ, Durugā; Sanskrit: दुर्गा) is the wife of Asura, mother of Mithra, and Yasha's sister. She was tragically murdered during Deus' coup d'état by Asura's former comrade, Sergei.


Durga 002

Durga is a beautiful woman with long dark purple hair and a slender figure. Her age of appearance is stated to be 27. She wears her hair in a braided style in the back of her head with a golden headdress, a golden collar, and a long cream dress with a jewel-embroidered, intricately designed purple shawl. She wears a yellow sash on top of a green blouse underneath the shawl and cream-coloured shoes. She also wears a gold ring on one of her hands.


Durga was portrayed as a kind, gentle and considerate woman who greatly cherished her family. Though gentle and considerate, she is a very strong-willed woman. She loved and cared dearly for her husband Asura, and saw only the best in him despite his wrathful and brutish nature, as well as his struggles in dealing with his fatherly role. She agreed to raise Mithra, while Asura would make the world safer for her, showing a great degree of consideration for his tendencies and a pragmatic view of how helpful he can be. She believed Asura was at his best when he was fighting for what is right. She also liked to tease her husband with playful remarks.

Durga cared a great degree about Mithra as well and requested that Asura rescue her as her last plea at the time of her death. Like any adherent mother, Durga could also be stern as she had reprimanded Asura for eating Mithra's vegetables in the past and warned that he treated her too lightly.


Early Life

Durga married Asura at some point in her life, and the two had a daughter whom they named Mithra. She would look after their daughter at their home while her husband Asura would protect them and make the world a safer place for Mithra.

By the time Mithra was a teenager, Durga and the rest of her family would pass time together at home.

After Gohma Vlitra's temporary defeat by the hands of her husband Asura, Gaea's people enjoyed a celebration of peace and prosperity. As Asura returned to his home, Durga greeted him along with their daughter Mithra. As Asura hugs Mithra and Durga, one of the servants called upon Asura to visit Emperor Strada, with Mithra wondered that maybe he will give Asura a medal for defeating Vlitra.

As Asura arrives, he finds the Emperor shaking and falling into his arms. As Asura discovered the Emperor's corpse, he was mistakenly branded a traitor by the soldiers that stood before him. Meanwhile, Sergei, as he was already requested by Deus, went to Asura's home and murdered Durga and kidnapped Mithra. As Asura raced back to his home, he found Durga lying on the ground, with a large blood stain in her stomach. As Asura embraced his wife, Durga pleaded to her husband to save Mithra, prompting Asura to reply: "Save your strength." As Durga strokes her husband's cheek and looked into his eyes one last time, she uttered her last words of wishing safety for Asura, and peacefully passed away with a smile on her face. Seeing his wife's death, Asura screamed out in terror, rage and mourning, with only the last hope to rescue their daughter.

12,500 Years later

Although she never appears in person, Durga appears multiple times throughout the story through Asura's flashback to their life together and her death. As Asura is heading towards his final battle with Chakravartin, Durga's spirit is seen alongside the spirits of Yasha and the other members of the Seven Deities, seemingly cheering Asura on.

870 Million Years later

She is later reincarnated into the modern day along with the rest of her family and the other demigods. 


  • "He just doesn't know what to do when she starts crying."--To Yasha about Asura's struggles as a father
  • "Even one of the Eight Guardian Generals is no match for his own daughter, is he? (Pause) Do you know what I think? I believe that you only wish the best for our daughter."--To Asura
  • "There she goes again. She cries every time you leave the house."--To Asura
  • "I will raise our daughter. You concentrate on making the world a safe place for her. You just do what you think is right. You're at your best when you're fighting for what's right. Please... Be safe..."--To Asura
  • "Save her... (Pause) Please... Be safe...."--To Asura (Last Words)


  • In Hinduism, Durga is the Goddess of Power who had the Victory of Good over Evil.
  • In Hinduism, Durga was also the warrior goddess. Parvati/Uma/Gauri are her aspects who happened to be the beloved wife of the Hindu God of Destruction, Lord Shiva.
  • In a Hindu folktale, the Asura were united with the demigods through marriage between an Asura and a demigod. This draws parallels between Asura and Durga's marriage, as Asura was not openly accepted due to his naturally violent tendencies.
  • The fact that Durga has a family but is also a Deity is similar to Amaterasu from Capcom's Okami series.


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