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Quote1 Tonight, the Impure have defiled and scorched our land, but it is we who shall live to see tomorrow's light. Legion of Demigods! Heed your Priestess' words, and purify our land once and for all! Quote2
— The Emperor on the war against the Gohma

Strada (ストラダ, Sutorada), better known as Emperor Strada, was the 128th Emperor and Supreme Leader of Shinkoku Trastrium, the Shinkoku Army and the Elite Demigod Forces.


Asura's Wrath Emperor Strada

Emperor Strada

The Emperor was an elderly man of small stature, tan skin, and wore luxurious and dazzling golden robes and a crown-like headdress to symbolize his power as the ruler of the Demigod Empire. His body had symbols and tattoos etched in gold lining. His age of appearance is stated to be 65. He had a small halo circle that was constantly seen floating behind his head.


The Emperor was seen as a kind and benevolent ruler by many of the Demigods he ruled over. Despite his kindness, he had given up hope on achieving victory against the Gohma after eons of endless struggle and fights against its forces without any gains being made and resigned himself to an eternal cycle of war. The Emperor was also peace-loving and considerate as he denied Deus' preemptive strike against the sealed Gohma to give his people a chance of peace after a long era of fighting.


The Emperor ruled the empire of Shinkoku for many years and orchestrated many battles against the Gohma in the War of Creation. He commanded the Eight Guardian Generals and the Demigod forces during many plights in the past. After the Demigod's latest victory, the Emperor was approached by Deus, who requested that he build a strong army to permanently defeat the Gohma. The Emperor did not listen and wanted to give his people a moment of peace after so many years of fighting. During the coup d'état of the Seven Deities, Emperor Strada was assassinated by Deus to assume power, making him the last Emperor of Shinkoku.

870 Million Years later

In the epilogue, Strada is reincarnated and loosely seen as an old man about to cross the road and the reincarnated Deus is willing to help him.

Powers and Abilities

Leadership: As the Emperor and Supreme Leader of Shinkoku Trastrium, Strada was the highest authority in Shinkoku and held absolute authority over the Demigod empire and its military forces. The Eight Guardian Generals were under his direct command.

Eternal Life: As a demigod and like all other demigods, Emperor Strada possessed eternal life and was unable to age. He is 65 in body and mind, but would not age and his lifespan was eternal thanks to Mantra and his demigod physiology.

Vacuum Adaptation: As a demigod, Strada is able to survive in outer space unaided and without any form of discomfort. He is not affected by the lack of atmosphere and increased level of cosmic radiation.


  • "Tonight, the Impure have defiled and scorched our land, but it is we who shall live to see tomorrow's light. Legion of Demigods! Heed your Priestess' words, and purify our land once and for all!"--The Emperor on the war against the Gohma
  • "Would you have our people take up arms and wait for Vlitra's return? After we finally obtained a moment of peace?"--To Deus
  • "The rate at which our civilization is growing far surpasses that of the Impure. Furthermore, the Eight Guardian Generals have never been stronger, especially with such a powerful Priestess."--To Deus


  • Emperor Strada was the only character along with Durga seen with red blood in the game. Strada is also the first killed being whose body did not disappear upon perishing.
  • The Emperor's appearance loosely resembled that of early Chinese Emperors.
  • Since Demigods cannot age, it is assumable that Strada had to either succeed the previous emperor by nomination, or usurp his throne.
  • Emperor Strada shares the same Japanese and English voice actor with Taison and Rasho respectively.


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