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Quote1 They are all too dependent on Mantra, that is why Wyzen and Kalrow were so weak. The battles I fight for them are disappointing. They are unsatisfying. Things were different before. Yes... We used to fight side by side. Those were the days... Quote2
— Augus expresses his desire to fight to Asura

Words of Wisdom is the 10th episode of Asura's Wrath.


Asura has defeated another of the Seven Deities, and is one step closer to getting his revenge. The next to appear is his old master, Augus. He speaks of days long gone as Asura licks his wounds from his battle with Kalrow. But this respite does not last long...


Being knocked unconscious after killing Kalrow and falling from orbit, Asura is rescued by his former master, Augus.

Asura wakes up and finds himself in a hot spring at Kanazuki Spring near Augus' residence, recovering from his wounds. His old master Augus is there too. Augus reproaches his former student for not being capable of handling a fall from the heavens. At the surprise of seeing his old mentor, Asura readies himself for battle, but is told to simply relax and enjoy the moment for the time being. Augus shares his philosophy of life with Asura; simple pleasures like fighting, eating and drinking, sleeping and women are the meaning of living. However, Asura states that he is different from his former mentor.

Augus then teases Asura by bringing a pair of female servants. They both relax in the hot spring while flirting with the attendants, while a group of Shinkoku soldiers peek over them from atop the hot spring. However, when Asura attempts to touch one of the girls' breasts, he is punched by his master and temporarily knocked out.

As they relax, Augus converses with Asura. Augus comments on Deus' goal to bring salvation to Gaea with the Great Rebirth, which he think of as ridiculous. He remarks that the Seven Deities rely too much on Mantra, and that being the reason for Wyzen's and Kalrow's death. While he himself is one of the Deities, Augus claims he only joined them so he can fulfill his thirst for battle, but at the same time expresses his disappointment and discontent on the battles he fights. He reminishes with Asura the old times in the past when they fought alongside one another as Guardian Generals.

Thousands of years ago, as the newest of the Eight Guardian Generals, Asura battles the impure Gohma in a faraway land. Razing through various groups of the Impure as he continues his path, Asura comes across a Gohma Squasher, and viciously decimates the enormous Gohma in a frenzy. Augus watches on top of a mountain his student fighting, but decides to join the battlefield when another massive Gohma, Gohma Glider, appears. Asura thirsts for battle, but just as he was about to confront the Gohma, Augus intervenes and wants to be the one to kill it. Both wanting to fight the monster, Asura and Augus race to see which one kills its first.

After reminishing their past at Kanazuki Spring and fully recovered, Asura and Augus decide to finally engage each other in a decisive duel between student and master.


At Kanazuki Spring, a small group of Shinkoku soldiers, a Taison and three Doji, converse. They talk about Augus and the fact that Asura, the "Fallen One", is his student. One of the Doji states that Augus is the most ruthless of the Seven Deities and that he will finish Asura off, and that he always comes to Kanazuki Spring to bathe before a battle. One of the Doji believes that Asura is no match for Augus, but the other Doji is doubtful and believes the opposite, given the fact that Wyzen and Kalrow were defeated by Asura.

The Taison, having fought alongside the Eight Guardian Generals during the War of Creation and having witnessed Lord Augus battle firsthand, believes him to be undefeatable, and supposes that he is even stronger than Lord Deus.

The Shinkoku soldiers peek over Asura and Augus relaxing with the servants from atop the hot spring.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Asura
  2. Augus
  3. Kanazuki Spring Attendants
  4. Doji
  5. Taison
  6. Wyzen (Mentioned)
  7. Kalrow (Mentioned)
  8. Gohma Howler (Flashback)
  9. Gohma Charger (Debut) (Flashback)
  10. Gohma Squasher (Flashback)
  11. Gohma Glider (Debut) (Flashback)




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