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Quote1 I am the god that carries the fate of civilization on his shoulders. All who oppose me are guilty of blasphemy! You are a danger to my world. Consider your lives forfeit! Quote2
— Deus confronts Asura and Yasha

Feet of Clay is the 17th episode of Asura's Wrath.


Deus. Once the commander of the Eight Guardian Generals. A symbol of Shinkoku Trastrium's military might. And now, self-proclaimed god and leader of the Seven Deities. His reign of terror ends now.


Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Asura
  2. Yasha
  3. Mithra
  4. Deus (Death)
  5. Gohma Vlitra
  6. Emperor Strada (Interlude) (Flashback)
  7. Olga (Interlude) (Flashback)



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