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Quote1 He is the one... He is the reason for it all!! You... You're the one I should kill! Quote2
— Asura finds out the truth

The One Behind the Curtain is the 19th episode of Asura's Wrath overall and the first episode of Part IV: Nirvana. The episode is part of the DLC containing Part IV: Nirvana and the true ending of the story of Asura's Wrath.


It was not the end. There was still an enemy left to defeat. But who? With Deus defeated and Vlitra slain, who remains that still poses a threat to the world? Asura and Yasha prepare to face the mastermind behind it all.



Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Asura
  2. Yasha
  3. Gohma Vlitra (Flashback)
  4. Mithra
  5. Olga (Flashback)
  6. Chakravartin/The Golden Spider (Debut)
  7. Demigods (Interlude)



  • In Hinduism, Buddhism and Indian religions, Nirvana is the transcendent state of mind of enlightenment, absolute peace, and the liberation from the cycle of suffering (Duḥkha) and death/rebirth (Saṃsāra). It represents the final goal of Buddhism.
    • The theme of Nirvana is evident in the Part of the story where the episode takes place, Part IV: Nirvana, serving as the conclusion of Asura's story and Asura's Wrath.


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