The first episode of Asura's Wrath (game).


Gohma attempt to seize the Brahmastra, which is defended by a massive fleet led by all eight Generals.

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Hoping to intimidate Vlitra, the Commander of the Generals, Deus, orders the Brahmastra fired. Incomplete and underpowered, the beam instead awakens Vlitra from its slumber prematurely. Asura breaks off from the fighting and engages Vlitra, subduing it alone. The other Generals are shocked, but quickly take credit and declare a final victory over Vlitra. The next day, Asura is summoned to the Emperor’s palace as all of Trastrium celebrates. Thinking he is to be commended, Asura enters the throne room and instead finds Strada murdered. The palace guard confront Asura, who flees home to protect his family as word of his “treachery” spreads.


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