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The Coming of a New Dawn
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I: Suffering

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Quote1.png Fear not, brave warriors of Shinkoku. Our long struggle against the Gohma shall come to an end tonight. Oh, powerful Demigods! Purge our world of the impure Gohma! The life-giving Mantra is one with you. Faithful people of Shinkoku! Offer your prayers! They will become mantra to aid us in battle. Let us offer Gaea the greatest blessing in the name of Emperor Strada. May the Mantra guide you to victory. The Eight Guardian Generals that command you are the veteran elite. Purify any who threaten to desecrate our land, divine warriors of Shinkoku! Even if you fall in battle, your soul is eternal. With his Majesty's power, you shall be reincarnated in a golden paradise and rejoice in prosperity for all eternity. Quote2.png
— Mithra blessing the Shinkoku Army in the decisive battle against the Gohma

The Coming of a New Dawn is the 1st episode of Asura's Wrath and the first episode of Part I: Suffering.


The eternal struggle between the Demigods and the Gohma was finally drawing to an end. The Shinkoku Army is led by the great warriors of Gaea -- The Eight Guardian Generals. One of them, the fearless Asura, charges forward with the aid of his Priestess daughter, Mithra. The final battle against the Gohma begins!


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The final battle between the Demigods and the Gohma begins. The demigod legions were led by eight elite demigods -- The Eight Guardian Generals. One of them, General Asura, was in the thick of the battle. The Gohma attempt to seize the Karma Fortress, which is defended by a massive fleet led by all eight Generals of the Shinkoku Army.

Asura along with his mentor Augus, his rival/brother-in-law Yasha and his allies Wyzen, Sergei, Kalrow and Olga battle the Gohma and oversee the battlefield. As the generals engage in battle with the Gohma, Asura's daughter Mithra acts as the Priestess of Shinkoku.

Hoping to intimidate Gohma Vlitra, the source of the Gohma, the Commander of the Generals, Deus, orders the Brahmastra to be fired. Incomplete and underpowered, the beam instead awakens Vlitra from its slumber prematurely, who tears open the planet when it reveals itself. Asura breaks off from the fighting and engages Vlitra, but is overpowered by the beast. The priestess of the army Mithra then revitalizes and empowers Asura, who transforms into a powerful form called Six-Armed Vajra Asura to fight Vlitra once again. Asura in his now empowered form subdues Gohma Vlitra alone. The other Generals are shocked, but quickly take credit and declare a final victory over Gohma Vlitra.


In the interlude for this episode, Deus and Kalrow discuss the surprise of Gohma Vlitra being subdued by Asura. Acknowledging that Asura had aid from the priestess, Mithra, who is also Asura's daughter, Deus has faith that harnessing Mithra's power will greatly benefit the cause. Deus then begins his plan to bring a new world of peace.

Major Events

  • The introduction of the demigods
  • Asura subdues Vlitra



Episode 1: The Coming of a New Dawn

Episode 1: The Coming of a New Dawn