A Life Well Lived is the last episode of Asura's Wrath (game). This is where Asura had his final battle with Chakravartin.

Chakravartin (Final Form) vs Asura 001


The episode begins with Asura meditating under a waterfall preparing for his battle with Chakravartin. As he does, he remembers an event prior to the game at his house. Durga tells him how Mithra is once again crying, as she does every time he leaves the house. As he strokes his daughter's cheek with his finger, he comments on how he doesn't know what to do when she cries and the best thing he can do is punch whoever causes her to. His wife is amused by the statement and tells him she'll raise Mithra while he focuses on making the world a safer place for her by doing what he does best: fighting for what is right. Then it cuts to Durga's death were her last words are revealed to be telling Asura to stay safe while he rescues there daughter.

Back to the present, Asura is riding at the tip of a ship into space to confront Chakavartin. At the same time, Chakavartin is preparing his ship to fire a laser to destroy Gaea. When he fires the laser, Asura activates the Mantra Reactor Yasha put into his chest in the last episode and protects the planet by blocking the beam. Transforming into Asura the Destructor, he looks back at Gaea once more before transforming his halo into a jetpack and heads toward the golden fortress. Back on Gaea, Durga's spirit, along with Yasha's and the rest of the Seven Deities, look on as Asura heads off.


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