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Quote1 I will have my vengeance! Quote2
— Asura vows revenge on his former comrades

Betrayal and Vengeance is the 2nd episode of Asura's Wrath.


Priestess Mithra lent her power to the Shinkoku Army, and all of Gaea rejoiced at the victory over Vlitra... But this time of celebration did not last. For in the shadows of victory, the wheels of betrayal had already been set in motion. One that would shake the very foundation of Shinkoku...


The day after Vlitra's defeat, the people of Gaea celebrate the victory for a moment of peace. At Asura's residence, Asura and Yasha are welcomed by Mithra and Durga. Shortly after, a soldier arrives to tell Asura that the Emperor has summoned him into the throne room. When Asura enters the throne room he bows, and then sees the Emperor fall down to the ground, dead. With blood on his hands, Asura is accused of murder and labelled as a "traitor" by the guards that entered and witnessed the scene. Asura manages to dodge their attacks and escape, but is then intercepted and surrounded by a group of soldiers and Wyzen. Asura claims he is innocent, but his words are ignored by Wyzen, who then orders an attack on Asura.

Meanwhile, Sergei goes to Asura's residence, and then murders Durga and captures Mithra.

Asura is forced to defend himself and fights Wyzen, and after he knocks him out, Asura rushes back to his home only to find that Durga had been fatally wounded and Mithra is missing. Durga shares her last words with her husband, telling him to save Mithra and be safe. Asura is greatly distressed, and lets out a scream of grief and rage. He then finds that the other Guardian Generals, except Augus and Deus (the latter appears later), have Mithra imprisoned. Asura then charges to save Mithra, but is stopped and knocked back by a lightning strike commanded by Deus. Deus appears and states his goal of recreating a new world by wiping out Gohma Vlitra-- The Great Rebirth. He then proceeds to massacre Asura with a relentless barrage of lightning strikes, throwing him back down to Gaea afterwards, killing him and sending him to Naraka. Asura vows vengeance on his former demigod comrades as he falls back to Gaea and Naraka.


In the interlude for this episode, a myth based on the events of the episode is narrated. The myth of an evil, impure demigod with a black heart and selfish ambitions named Asura, who betrayed his kind and murdered the Emperor, and plunged Gaea into a dark time of fear and grief. Then, down from the heavens came seven divine demigods of light, the Seven Deities, who banished their demigod brother and traitor from the heavens into Naraka. The Seven Deities then ruled the world and watched over the humans from the heavens.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Demigods
  2. Asura (Killed)
  3. Yasha
  4. Durga (Debut) (Death)
  5. Mithra
  6. Kagebosh (Debut)
  7. Emperor Strada (Death)
  8. Doji
  9. Rasho (Debut)
  10. Taison
  11. Wyzen
  12. Sergei
  13. Kalrow
  14. Olga
  15. Deus



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