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Hell on Gaea
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Quote1.png Is this how you save the world? This place looks like hell. Quote2.png
— Asura's view on Gaea after he revives 12,000 years later

Hell on Gaea is the 3rd episode of Asura's Wrath.


Labeled a traitor, with his wife killed and his daughter taken from him, all he has left is his wrath. Refusing to die, Asura awakens in a strange world. There, a mysterious spider appears and begins to guide him, spurring Asura to make his way back to his world.


Asura awakens to the sound of Mithra crying, finding himself hanging from a pillar in Naraka. He then hears a voice, only to be from an entity in a form of a Golden Spider. When the Spider asks Asura what his name is, he hesitates to reply, having forgotten his past. The spider then goads Asura to climb up the pillar, doing so the spider tries to help Asura remember his past.

Asura then reminishes a training session with Augus, his mentor, who trains him to fight the Gohma. After defeating the group of Gohma, Augus instructs Asura to fight his own mentor. Asura then punches Augus a few times and sends him into a mountain side. Quickly recovered, Augus moves swiftly back to Asura, eagerly congratulating his student for his development and finishing the training by knocking him down to the ground.

Having recalled part of his past, Asura remembers his name. He then has another remembrance of himself fighting a small army of Shinkoku soldiers after having escaped the palace where he had been branded a traitor. After defeating them, numerous illusionary soldiers accuse Asura of being a "traitor". Deus then appears before him as well, striking him with lightning and banishing him to Naraka. Having remembered his death, The Golden Spider tells Asura that he was a cog within Deus plan. Shortly after, Asura hears crying in his head, which irritates him intensely and incites him to angerly climb the pillar of Naraka back to the world of the living.

Asura then revives on Gaea, as a massive explosion bursts from the surface. The Golden Spider states to Asura that 12,000 years had passed since his death, while Asura notes that Gaea looks like hell.


In the interlude for this episode, Asura is wandering in a barren wasteland on Gaea. Gaea has become a vast wasteland with crimson skies and lightning storms, a result of the Gohma still rampaging in the lands. Asura then finds broken down structures, with The Golden Spider stating that the other Demigods had destroyed them.

Major Events[]

  • The Golden Spider is introduced
  • Asura remembers his past
  • Asura revives on Gaea 12,000 years after his death



Episode 3: Hell on Gaea

Episode 3: Hell on Gaea