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Quote1 I...remember now....!! You bastards... Quote2
— Asura recalls his past

Hollow Victory is the 5th episode of Asura's Wrath.


Now one of the self-proclaimed Seven Deities, Wyzen is intent on sending Asura back to Naraka. His power is more terrible and fearsome than when he served as one of the Eight Guardian Generals. His power threatens to crush Asura!


Wyzen, transformed in his Vajra form, tells Asura about how he got this form because of Mithra, causing Asura to remember Mithra and furiously demand what he and the Deities had done with her. Refusing to answer him, Wyzen grabs Asura and throws him across a barren wasteland. The two begin to fight by firing Mantra blasts at one another.

While Asura initally manages to outfight Wyzen, Wyzen is shown to be stronger than Asura and eventually overpowers him, powerfully plummetting Asura into the ground. Asura is too stunned to move, which spurs Wyzen to pummel him. While doing so, Wyzen belittles Asura and rants about how Mithra suffers because of Asura's betrayal, and to bring about the Great Rebirth. A sudden vision of Mithra arises in Asura's mind, and enraged, Asura grabs Wyzen's massive fist and tosses him away. The rage overflowing through Asura causes him to transform into his Six-Armed Vajra form.

Wyzen then commands his Septentrion to fire at Asura, though to no effect as Asura easily destroys the ship. Asura and Wyzen both then clash in the air, with Asura gaining the upper hand and violently sending him into space. Frustrated at his failure to defeat Asura, Wyzen decides to transform into his Gorgen form. He attempts to crush Asura with his finger while Asura tries to keep Wyzen from crushing him.

Before he could be completely crushed by Wyzen's finger, Asura remembers his past and the events that occured 12,000 years, and his strength is exponentially magnified by the indelible rage that surges in him. He proceeds to continuously barrage Wyzen's finger with punches at a devastating rate. In the process, Asura's arms are destroyed until he has only one left, which he uses to gather every ounce of his raging strength to deliver one final massive punch. The blows struck cause Wyzen to be obliterated, breaking off Asura's last arm in the process.

After the defeat of Wyzen, Yasha appears to confront Asura.


In the interlude for this episode, the other Deities mock Wyzen for being killed by Asura. Kalrow comments that Wyzen wasted a large amount of Mantra while fighting Asura. The Deities then argue who should finish off Asura and fight off the Gohma on the surface, to which Sergei points out that Yasha has already gone to finish off Asura.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Asura
  2. Wyzen (Death)
  3. Emperor Strada (Flashback)
  4. Mithra (Flashback)
  5. Durga (Flashback)
  6. Yasha
  7. Olga (Interlude)
  8. Augus (Interlude)
  9. Kalrow (Interlude)
  10. Deus (Interlude)
  11. Sergei (Interlude)



  • Episode 5 is the first of the two playable demo stages of Asura's Wrath before the full release of the game.


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