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Quote1 Do you wish to clear your name, you traitor? Avenge your wife's death? Take back your daughter? It is pointless to resist. You lost 12,000 years ago. That was your fate. Leave it at that. There is no longer a place for you in this world. Quote2
— Yasha talks to Asura

Confessions of a Mask is the 6th episode of Asura's Wrath overall and the final episode of Part I: Suffering.


After the defeat of Wyzen, Asura's old rival, Yasha, appears. Ever calm and collected, he outmatches Asura in every regard. However, Yasha says something that ignites the fires of rage within Asura!


After the defeat of Wyzen, Asura is knocked unconscious on the ground with his arms lost. His old rival and another of the Seven Deities, Yasha, appears before him. He calls Asura a fool, and tells him not to return to Gaea next time, while preparing to strike him down. Before Yasha could finish him off, Asura abruptly awakes and quickly gets back on his feet. Asura is surprised at encountering him, while Yasha asks why Asura had come back to Gaea.

The two begin to fight, with Yasha constantly ranting about Asura and his quest of vengeance for his family along the way. He tries to demotivate Asura and tries to make him move on and forget about his goal by claiming it was his fate to perish 12,000 years ago, and that there is not a place for him on Gaea anymore. Yasha also states that millions of souls were lost due to Wyzen fighting Asura, and that because of this, Asura is an evil force that threatens the world and needs to be eliminated.

Ignoring Yasha's words, Asura attempts to strike him while angrily calling him a liar, but is swiftly outmaneuvered by Yasha, who mocks him for not being able to harm him. Taking back his stance, Asura is infuriated at Yasha's arrogant demeanor and means to knock the mask off of his face, and proceeds to deliver a powerful roundhouse kick to his collar bone. Nonetheless, Yasha chooses not to avoid such an attack and counters Asura's kick, knocking him back.

Asura and Yasha continue their fight and their argument, with Asura resorting to kicks and headbutts since he had lost his arms. Overpowering his foe once again, Yasha states that the Seven Deities are bringing salvation to Gaea, and that Asura is unable to stop them. Yasha then starts talking about Mithra, claiming she is devoted in helping them achieve the Great Rebirth, and that Asura should be proud of it. Hearing this, Asura is angered and refuses to be proud of what he regards as his daugther suffering, but Yasha reiterates the same message. Getting more and more angry at his words, Asura angrily asks who does Yasha think he is, to which he replies "God". This enrages Asura and causes him to savagely charge at Yasha, who is bewildered, striking him directly in the head with a powerful headbutt that cracks his mask and knocks it off his face.

After delivering the blow, Asura falls exhausted to the ground along with Yasha's golden mask. He insults Yasha at the sight of his uncovered face, and Yasha too insults Asura's temperament and asserts that his wrath is meaningless before their cause. Unable to stand, Yasha delivers the death blow on Asura, cleaving him in half and killing him. As Asura is sent once again to Naraka, Yasha tells his now perished rival to watch the salvation of Gaea from Naraka. Yasha then retreats from the battlefield.


Yasha returns to the Karma Fortress, where Mithra is being held captive. He talks to a sleeping Mithra about her father's death at their hands a second time, and as retribution, he intends on gladly letting Mithra take his life after the Great Rebirth has been accomplished.

Yasha reasons with Mithra that the Seven Deities, as well as Gaea, need her extraordinary power to amplify Mantra and that there is no hope to fight the Gohma and save the world without Mantra and her.

Yasha then ponders why Asura refuses to listen to reason, stating that Mithra's power is essential for their cause and that she and the world will be saved after Gohma Vlitra is defeated.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Asura (Killed)
  2. Yasha
  3. Mithra (Interlude)



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