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Quote1 Now that you have something to protect, why are you so full of rage? Or perhaps, that is exactly why. Quote2
— Yasha's thoughts on why Asura keeps his rage active

A Father's Duty is the 7th episode of Asura's Wrath overall and the first episode of Part II: Rebirth.


Within one slash, Yasha mercilessly splits Asura in two. Asura finds himself back in Naraka, burning with more rage than ever. But for now, his only option is to follow the light...


After having been killed by Yasha, Asura awakens in Naraka a second time after 500 years. He reencounters the Golden Spider, who again instigates Asura to return to his world by stating that he is a demigod like the Seven Deities and provokingly suggesting that if he actually accepts the Deities' actions, then he should let himself fall into the depths of Naraka. This fuels Asura with anger and motivates him to climb the pillar back into Gaea once again.

As Asura climbs, the Golden Spider claims that due to Asura's anger and his will to move forward, he possesses an indomitable spirit and a great hidden power that he had been searching for. The Golden Spider then changes the subject to Deus' goal and the necessity of Mithra's power to achieve it, which further fuels Asura's vengeful drive.

Asura comes to a halt while climbing the pillar in Naraka and begins reminishing his past again. As one of the Eight Guardian Generals, he fights a group of lesser Gohma in a wasteland, which he easily decimates with a devastating shockwave of Mantra. Shortly after, a Gohma Crusher emerges, with Asura prepared to battle the beast. He eventually overpowers the massive Gohma by destroying its tusks, and proceeds to finish it off by grabbing it and furiously flinging it into the air, jumping after it afterwards to deliver the finishing blow. Meanwhile, Augus appears at the battlefield, with the Gohma falling towards him. As the Gohma heads towards to crush him with its massive body, Augus effortlessly flicks it away with an upward thumb flick. He then changes his attention to Asura, who too is heading towards him with the intention of punching his master in a frenzy, and likewise, Augus responds in the same manner. However, before both of their fists could collide Yasha intercepts Asura's fist and tosses him away.

Yasha reprimands Asura for his uncontrolled temperament. Augus, however, is amused and congratulates Asura for immersing himself into the battle. Yasha questions Asura why he is so full of rage, now that he has something to protect; his family. He notes that perhaps that is the reason to why he keeps his rage active. Augus instead argues that it is nonsense and that the only reason one needs to fight is for the fight itself, which Yasha notes that such a statement is befitting of his and Asura's master's warrior nature. The three demigods then withdraw from the field where a horde of Gohma was slaughtered back to Shinkoku.

Asura, along with Yasha and Augus, returns to his residence where his baby daughter and wife, Durga, are waiting for him. Durga welcomes Asura back home, and the two spend time with their daughter. Augus asks in a mocking manner if a baby Mithra is what Asura must protect, which prompts Yasha to claim that Augus might not understand why Asura must do so.

As Mithra suddenly starts crying, while Asura handles her poorly, he gets visibly annoyed and returns Mithra back to Durga's care and leaves the room. Yasha in turn goes to Durga and presumes that Asura might be scared of his daughter, with Durga claiming that he does not know what to do when Mithra starts crying. Yasha jokingly suggests that Asura should pacify her, which amuses Durga.

While Asura walks through a hall outside the previous room, he finds Sergei, Wyzen and Kalrow blocking his way. He aggressively orders them to move aside, with Sergei noting that his uncontrollable rage suits him well. The three demigods then decide to let Asura pass. As Asura walks past them, Wyzen tries to persuade him in joining them and reasons that together they could exterminate the Gohma more effectively. However, Asura declines. Kalrow goes on to add that Asura's daughter is the only suitable vessel to become the Priestess of Shinkoku, and that he should raise her with care even if he was an incompetent parent.

After reminishing his past as a father, Asura continues to climb Naraka's pillar. The Golden Spider teases Asura by confirming that he is indeed incompetent, but that it might be one of his more charming features. The Golden Spider believes he has discovered the source of the flame burning in Asura's soul, but before he could continue, Asura, in annoyance, suddenly interrupts the conversation by telling Mithra's cries in his head to stop. In confusion, the Golden Spider responds that he is not crying, mistakenly thinking that Asura was referring to him.

The visions and sound of Mithra crying ceaselessly haunt Asura, inciting him to let out a scream of anger. The visions continue with Durga playfully claiming that Asura, as one of the Eight Guardian Generals, is no match for his own daughter. However, she believes that Asura only wishes the best for their daughter and wants to protect her. Asura notes how small and defenseless a baby Mithra is.

Haunted by the cries and visions, Asura is goaded into a fit of rage and frantically climbs Naraka's pillar back to Gaea, while the Golden Spider continuously questions Asura about the origin of his unbridled rage and wrath.

Meanwhile on Gaea, a young girl sings a lullaby to a baby she is holding and prays at a shrine where Asura's petrified body is fused with the base of a mountain. As she prays, the markings on Asura's body begin to glow, leaving the girl in awe.


Thousands of years ago, Asura as a Guardian General is at his residence together with Durga, a teenage Mithra and Yasha. Durga talks to Asura about the good impression he made in a battle. Mithra happily says that she was praying for her father the whole time, and she asks if he had heard her prayers, to which Asura confirms and states that he felt Mithra's presence and thought of her the whole time. Durga then teases her husband by playfully insinuating that he did not think of her at all and only thought about their daughter, which amuses Mithra.

A messenger arrives afterwards to inform Asura that the next Priestess has been choosen: Mithra. The messenger congratulates him, but Asura is outraged and states he will not let Mithra become a tool for war.

Mithra argues that she will gladly become Priestess if that means gaining the power to protect her father. Yasha adds that Mithra is gifted with the power to save the world and she could be the key to eradicating the Gohma. Despite this, Asura walks away in frustration.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Asura
  2. The Golden Spider
  3. Gohma Howler (Flashback)
  4. Gohma Crusher (Flashback)
  5. Augus (Flashback)
  6. Yasha (Flashback)
  7. Durga (Flashback)
  8. Mithra (Flashback)
  9. Sergei (Flashback)
  10. Wyzen (Flashback)
  11. Kalrow (Flashback)
  12. Ahria (Debut)



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