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Quote1 Impossible! How could one man destroy my entire fleet? ...How? How did you get so powerful? Quote2
— Kalrow is bewildered at Asura's power

The Best Laid Plans is the 9th episode of Asura's Wrath.


Kalrow's brutality causes Asura to explode with anger. He launches into the skies and attacks the fleet. Amidst the battle, Asura discovers a mysterious machine onboard one of the ships. What purpose does it serve?


Asura watches Kalrow's fleet in the sky, and reassures Ahria that he will deal with the Seven Deities. Asura then departs to face Kalrow's forces, blasting himself high into the sky. He starts destroying a number of ships before transforming into his Six-Armed Vajra form and forcing his way into the Nirvana ship at the center of the formation. Having trapped Asura, Kalrow orders a mass barrage of fire from the remaining surrounding ships at the Nirvana ship in hopes of eradicating Asura along with it. However, while the ship had been nearly completely destroyed, Asura remains unscathed.

Having failed the attack, Kalrow orders a full "purification" using jets and missiles on Asura, but is met with the same outcome when Asura confronts his forces. Asura flees the now completely destroyed ship and heads towards Kalrow's Septentrion, destroying another one of his Nirvana ships along the way. In the process, Asura is caught at point-blank in a massive beam of Mantra fired from the Septentrion's main cannon, large enough to be visible from Gaea's stratosphere.

Kalrow is confident of his victory, stating that the Seven Deities do not have time to concern themselves with Asura when preparing to intercept Vlitra's revival is top priority. Much to his disappointment, however, Asura survives the blast with minor to no injuries and finds his way into his Septentrion. Kalrow is still intent on stopping Asura, and sends in infantry troops to deal with the demigod. Yet, Asura dispatches of the soldiers and keeps going forward, entering a room where a gigantic "Redemption Troop Colonel" Taison Nyudo is to eliminate him next. Although, he ultimately proves to be no match to Six-Armed Vajra Asura's ferocious power and is quickly decimated.

After striking down the Taison Colonel, Asura enters the chamber where the mortals' souls are harvested into Mantra and guided to Heaven by the ships. Asura is infuriated by it. He is blocked by more soldiers fighting in formations and wielding shields, whom he quickly crushes. Afterwards, he busts his way through a door and arrives at an elevator, decimating several squads of soldiers that were waiting for him there. In a fit of anger, Asura violently rushes up the elevator wall and busts through the ceilling with a Taison officer, landing on the Septentrion's cockpit where he comes face to face with Kalrow.

Kalrow is bewildered at Asura's success on destroying his entire fleet and ponders on how he got so powerful, but is swiftly shut up by Asura who goes in to grab him. Nonetheless, it proves to be yet another realistic hologram. No longer in his Septentrion, Kalrow had outsmarted Asura, fleeing away in an escape pod as his Septentrion is destroyed along with Asura.

Kalrow is sure of his victory over the demigod, but his plan is immediately thwarted by Asura, who escapes the Septentrion and catches up to his fleeing escape pod. Desperate and fearing for his life as Asura slowly crushes his pod and himself along with it, Kalrow says that the Seven Deities have finally brought stability and order to the world, and that Asura's daughter Mithra is fundamental for that stability and their plan. To his misfortune, this angers Asura even more. As he comes closer to death, Kalrow tries to reason with Asura about the benefits that the Great Rebirth would bring to Gaea, and that the human sacrifices are only temporary to achieve a greater good; they will finally be free from the Gohma and will live in an eternal paradise. Nonetheless, Kalrow's words fall deaf on Asura, who is fed up with hearing about Gaea and ultimately kills Kalrow by crushing him inside his own escape pod.

The pod is destroyed and Asura falls from orbit, crashing into a mountain and being knocked unconscious. Ahria watches the scene, while Asura's old mentor and another member of the Seven Deities, Augus, appears. He assures the girl of Asura's survival, stating that Asura will die by his hands instead when his time comes.


At the Karma Fortress' meeting chamber, Deus, Sergei, Olga and Yasha witness Kalrow's death. Sergei remarks that even Kalrow's elaborate strategies were no match for Asura's brute strength. Olga argues that they should join all their forces and attack Asura all at once, but Yasha objects by stating that the land is at risk of receiving immeasurable damage by using their fleet's firepower. However, Olga stands by her decision.

Sergei in turn comments that Augus would be more than glad to deal with Asura.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Asura
  2. Ahria
  3. Kalrow (Death)
  4. Kagebosh
  5. Doji
  6. Taison Specialist (Debut)
  7. Rasho
  8. Taison Nyudo (Debut)
  9. Taison
  10. Augus
  11. Deus (Interlude)
  12. Sergei (Interlude)
  13. Olga (Interlude)
  14. Yasha (Interlude)



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