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The Gohma
The Gohma Army.png


The Impure


Existed since Gaea's creation







  • Corrupting Gaea
  • Absorbing the souls of Gaea's civilization
  • Defeat the Demigods

Impurity Level

32 - Immeasurable

Quote1.png The foul, impure beasts that roam the land -- the Gohma. In order to save civilization from their neverending threat, the demigods who governed the world created an ultimate weapon that would wipe the Gohma off the face of the planet once and for all. Quote2.png
— The Gohma

The Gohma ( ゴーマ) was the powerful dark spirit and manifestation of Gaea's very will, and the embodiment of the planet's anger and wrath towards the Demigods. It is one of the main antagonists of Asura’s Wrath.

The Gohma is a monstrous entity spawned from a defiled land capable of destroying worlds and planets. It instinctively attacks demigods, humankind, and civilization itself, and it fought the Eight Guardian Generals and the Demigod Forces for countless years in a heated battle for Mantra. It is the response of the Demigods' abuse of Mantra. Gohma Vlitra is the progenitor and source of all Gohma.


The Gohma

The Gohma, since it is made of corruption, can take on many forms resembling creatures found in the natural world in outward appearance from apes, giant turtles, rhinos, giant fish-like creatures and elephants.

Before Asura subsided Vlitra, it looks like a single giant head sprouting out of Gaea's surface. Many years after the betrayal, the largest and most powerful Gohma looks like a colossal Kraken-like creature, with a screaming like monstrous face at its center and tentacles made out of rock and fire with gaping maws, which emerges from Gaea's core. However, its true form was its core, which was a humanoid monster made out of lava and stone. The Vlitra core form also bears a resemblance to Asura's Berserker form, which is noted by Yasha.


Thousands of years ago, Mother Gaea became enraged with the cycle of life and death being grossly disrupted with the souls of mortals not returning to it once they left their bodies. In an attempt to take back the souls that had been converted into Mantra, Chakravartin created the Gohma and triggered a never-ending conflict between the Gohma and the Demigods known as "The War of Creation", a perpetual cycle of Vlitra appearing more and more powerful with every subsequent appearance and being barely staved off by the Demigods.

The Shinkoku Army and the Eight Guardian Generals battled the Gohma

In order to defeat the Gohma, the demigods developed an ultimate weapon that would wipe out the Gohma from Gaea forever, The Brahmastra. The Eight Guardian Generals, the elite demigod forces, fought the Gohma to free the people of Gaea from its threat. In a major battle between the demigods of Shinkoku and the Gohma, the Gohma appeared and sent out its forces to destroy the demigods and the Shinkoku fleet, but Asura, Wyzen, Yasha and Augus, the current top members of the Generals, destroyed the evil corrupted forces of the Gohma. Vlitra appeared and attacked the Shinkoku fleet, and the Eight Guardian Generals quickly moved to engage the beast with Asura in particular taking it on. He managed to damage, and in the end, finally subdue Vlitra. Yet it was only defeated and not killed permanently, so it would rise up again to continue its rampage.

12,500 Years later

Gohma Vlitra is finally defeated for good

The Gohma was still alive after its apparent defeat, corrupting more of the lands and its animals. Gohma Vlitra emerged once more after the Seven Deities were defeated, yet far more powerful and massive that the last time Asura had fought, planning to destroy all life on Gaea. Asura and Yasha engaged it, but were overwhelmed by its power. However, Mithra sent Asura and Yasha mantra from the Karma Fortress, empowering them, especially Asura. The two forced their way into Vlitra's core at the center of Gaea, however, the core manifested itself as Vlitra Core. It engaged Asura and Yasha in one final battle, but despite its overwhelming power, the two demigods managed to finally destroy it, wiping out Vlitra and freeing Gaea from its dark and evil spirit forever.


Despite Vlitra's death, numerous of the Gohma managed to survive, but they were quickly killed by Yasha while protecting an unconscious Asura.

Powers and Abilities

The Gohma are powerful entities whom, by nature, can corrupt and assume the shapes of other creatures and surroundings. They can discharge Mantra with enough destructive yield to destroy entire Shinsoku fleets with ease, and possess considerable combat prowess, enough to overwhelm the Eight Guardian Generals and the entire Demigod Fleet. The Gohma also have the ability to devour the souls of mortals. The fact the Demigods could never permanently rid themselves of the Gohma, speaks volumes of its immeasurable power and enduring nature.

Gohma Vlitra is the source and progenitor of all the Gohma, as well as the biggest and most powerful. It can fire colossal beams which can easily pulverize hundreds of ships and easily defeat both Asura and Yasha, and above all, destroy worlds and planets. Its Vlitra Core form has four huge volcanic rock arms which can fire massive projectiles and beams along with devastating eruptions of fire and lava.


  • Vlitra takes its name from the Vritra of Hindu Mythology, a primordial serpent-dragon incarnation of drought and famine that stole the waters of the world and hoarded them for itself. Interestingly, the Vritra in Hindu Myth was also an Asura spirit.
  • Gohma Vlitra's appearance on the second time it emerged was based on the 8 headed serpent: Yamata No Orochi.
  • The Gohma's name comes from the enemies and bosses in the Legend of Zelda Games.
  • The Gohma are similar to The Flood from Halo universe.