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Gohma Howler (ゴーマ・ホエヅラ) is a Gohma created by Gohma Vlitra.

It is a small land-based Gohma that runs rampant throughout the land. They resemble monkeys, and commonly appear in packs. Each pack is made up of a primary Howler and lesser Howlers. Their Impurity Level is 32.

These are the most common enemies seen throughout the story of Asura's Wrath.


Gohma Howlers are small land-based Gohma, as well as the smallest of all Gohma. They resemble monkeys and apes. Like all Gohma, they have yellow eyes and their body is obsidian in color and covered with red streaks, typically where their veins would be.

Lesser Howlers resemble chimpanzees. Primary Howlers have a bulkier body than Lesser Howlers and resemble silverback gorillas, with white fur around their neck and elbows and with their spine protruding from their back.



The Gohma Howler, like all the Gohma, was brought into the world by Gohma Vlitra (and indirectly Chakravartin) through the corruption of Gaea's land and natural organisms, which mutated into wild, ferocious monsters. Gohma Howlers, along with all the other Gohma, fought in a endless battle against the Demigods for Mantra, constantly attacking the planet's inhabitants and devouring their souls.

Gohma Howlers became the most common Gohma to appear. To become one of the Eight Guardian Generals, the demigod Asura fought numerous Gohma, some of which included Gohma Howlers.

Upon becoming a Guardian General, Asura went to a deserted land to purify the Impure, pulverizing a pack of Howlers with a powerful Mantra shockwave.

12,000 Years after Asura's death

Twelve millennia after Asura's betrayal and death, the demigod reawakens on Gaea. Upon arriving at a human village, the settlement is abruptly attacked by a pack of Howlers. Asura is frustrated at the fact that even after 12,000 years, the Gohma still run rampant on Gaea.

500 Years later

Five centuries later, shortly after Asura returns to Gaea once again after his second death and meets a young girl with a great resemblance to his own daughter, a group of Howlers emerge once again. The Howlers' chieftain kidnaps the young girl, which prompts Asura to pursue it and strike it down.

Another purification by the Seven Deities ensues, with one of its Deities, Yasha, being ordered to purify the Gohma arriving at a nearby city. He fights a horde of Gohma single-handedly, including Gohma Howlers.

After the eradication of Vlitra, Asura and Yasha battle the Mantra god, Chakravartin, who revealed himself to be the true creator of the Gohma as a test to find a ruler for Gaea. The demigods are effortlessly overpowered by the supreme being and sent back to Gaea, with Asura being knocked unconscious. While Gohma Vlitra had been killed permanently, the Gohma's existence did not cease and they emerge once again. Yasha protects his unconscious rival from Howlers and numerous other Gohma, swiftly pulverizing them.

Powers and Abilities

Gohma Howlers run rampant throughout the land, and they commonly appear and attack humans in packs. Each pack is made up of a Primary Howler and several Lesser Howlers. They are very agile and are known to jump at and pound their enemies with great ferocity. The Primary Howlers that lead the packs are especially strong and dangerous. Despite being the weakest type of Gohma, even lesser Howlers are strong enough to violently demolish large walls.

Magma Projection: Gohma Howlers have the ability to generate magma.

Soul Absorption: Like all Gohma, Gohma Howlers have the ability to devour the souls of mortals.

Weather Manipulation: The Gohma have the power to affect the sky and weather with just their presence, turning the sky red and causing frequent and unnatural storms of red lightning. The manifestation of the Gohma is always foreshadowed and accompanied by these events.

Vacuum Adaptation: The Gohma are able to survive in outer space unaided and without any form of discomfort. They are not affected by the lack of atmosphere and increased level of cosmic radiation.

Impurity Level

The Gohma Howler's Impurity Level is 32.


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