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Gohma Lasher (ゴーマ・カラミカヅキ) is a Gohma created by Gohma Vlitra.

It is a colossal Gohma that resembles octopi and ammonites. They are able to fight in outer space. Their Impurity Level is 13,000.


Gohma Lashers are colossal Gohma that resemble octopi, squids, ammonites and nautiloids. Like all Gohma, they have yellow or white eyes and their body is obsidian in color and covered with red streaks, typically where their veins would be. Their main tentacles end in barbed spears or scythe-like hooks, and they have a toothy circular mouth at the center of their body.


Powers and Abilities

Gohma Lashers are able to fly and fight in outer space. Known for their tough, rock-like shells, their defensive power is second to none. On the offensive, they open their shells just enough for their scythe-like tentacles to latch onto battleships before they pierce through them.

Flight: Gohma Lashers are capable of flying through the air and in outer space.

Magma Projection: Gohma Lashers can fire large magma blasts.

Soul Absorption: Like all Gohma, Gohma Lashers have the ability to devour the souls of mortals.

Weather Manipulation: The Gohma have the power to affect the sky and weather with just their presence, turning the sky red and causing frequent and unnatural storms of red lightning. The manifestation of the Gohma is always foreshadowed and accompanied by these events.

Vacuum Adaptation: The Gohma are able to survive in outer space unaided and without any form of discomfort. They are not affected by the lack of atmosphere and increased level of cosmic radiation.

Impurity Level

The Gohma Lasher's Impurity Level is 13,000.


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