Throughout the series, there have been an abundance of Gohma which have appeared in many shapes and sizes throughout the history of the story's events:


Gohma Howler: Edit

Gohma Howler

Small Gohma that run rampant throughout the land. They resemble monkeys and apes and commonly appear in packs. Each pack is made up of a primary Howler and lesser Howlers which move at quick speeds and high agility to overwhelm their enemies. These are the most common enemies seen throughout the story.

Height (At full Height):

Lesser Howler: Approx. 2m

Primary Howler: Approx. 2.5m


Lesser Howler: Approx. 2m

Primary Howler: Approx. 2.5m

Impurity Level: 32

Gohma Stinger: Edit

Gohma Stinger
Air-based Gohma that resemble manta rays. They attack humans and demigods from the sky in packs using energy projectiles. Their sizes range from small to medium.

Length (tail included): 3-7m

Width (fins included): 4-11m

Impurity Level: 54

Gohma Charger: Edit

Gohma Charger
Middle-sized Gohma that resemble rhinoceroses. They often appear accompanied by a group of smaller Gohma, specifically the Gohma Howlers. They attack by charging, using their deadly horns to impale any in their path. 

Length: Approx. 5m

Height: 3.5m

Width: Approx. 2m

Impurity Level: 87

Gohma Crusher: Edit

Gohma Crusher
Large-sized Gohma that resemble elephants with the vertebral structure of a gorilla. They often appear accompanied by a group of smaller Gohma. They possess tremendous destructive power. Length (not including trunk): Approx: 40m 

Height: 25m

Width: 20m

Impurity Level: 890

Gohma Squasher: Edit

Gohma Turtle
Large-sized Gohma that resemble giant turtles. They often appear accompanied by a group of smaller Gohma. They possess an extremely durable shell that protects their body, and are also able to use it to smash through anything. 

Length: Approx. 9m

Height: 4m

Width: Approx. 5m

Impurity Level: 680

Gohma Glider: Edit

Gohma Fish
Large air-based Gohma that resemble gigantic lion fish. They often appear accompanied by a group of smaller Gohma. 

Length: Approx. 85-120m

Height: 50-70m

Width (fins included): 100-150m

Impurity Level: 1390

Gohma Lasher: Edit

Gohma Lasher
Colossal Gohma that resemble octopi and ammonites. They are able to fight in outer space.  

Length (shell only): Approx. 500-2000m

Height: Approx. 200-830m

Width: Approx. 190-750m

Impurity Level: 14,000

Gohma Striker: Edit

Gohma Striker001
Massive land-based Gohma that have the body of a turtle and the head of a king Cobra. They are some of the strongest Gohma, and possess devastating destructive power.

Length: Approx. 1200m

Height: Approx. 1000m

Width: Approx. 900m

Impurity Level: 47,000

Gohma Carrier: Edit

Gohma Carriers-0
Gargantuan Gohma that resemble clams and barnacles. They serve as carriers for other Gohma to bring them to outer space by transporting other Gohma within their shells.

Length: Approx. 1500m-6000m Diameter: Approx 200m

Impurity Level: 240,000

Gohma Vlitra: Edit

Gohma Vlitra's appearance

The largest and most powerful of all Gohma. It appears every thousand years to wreak havoc upon civilization. It is the embodiment of the planet’s rage, unleashing Gohma upon any who threaten to harm the planet. It possesses immeasurable power, and is nearly impossible to defeat.

Impurity Level: Immeasurable

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