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Quote1 Hell is it? This planet considers the mortals its enemy and is trying to devour all their souls. This planet denies our very birthright. Yes, this world is Hell. That's why sacrifices must be made in order to save it. No matter how many mortal souls it cost! Quote2
— Deus about Vlitra

Gohma Vlitra (Japanese: ゴーマ・ヴリトラ, Gōma Vuritora) or simply Vlitra (Sanskrit: वृत्र), also referred to as The Will of the Planet, is the manifestation of Gaea's very will, and the embodiment of the planet's rage and wrath towards the Demigods, unleashing Gohma upon any who threaten to harm the planet. Vlitra is the progenitor and source of all Gohma. It is the central antagonist of Asura's Wrath.

Gohma Vlitra is the largest and most powerful of all Gohma. Roughly the size of a continent, it appears every few thousand years to wreak havoc upon civilisation. With its overwhelming existence, it possesses immeasurable power and is nearly impossible to kill. The only possibility is to suppress it until it awakens again. Its Impurity Level is Immeasurable.


AW - Gohma Vlitra - Illust22

Gohma Vlitra

Gohma Vlitra is by far the largest of all Gohma, being roughly the size of a continent. During the first confrontation with Asura and the Eight Guardian Generals, Gohma Vlitra appears as a single, colossal serpentine head sprouting out of Gaea's surface, made of rock and lava from the planet's core.

However, Gohma Vlitra's true form was its core, known as Vlitra Core. It appears as a large humanoid monster made out of volcanic rock and fire, and possesses four enormous extra arms of volcanic rock and lava. The Vlitra Core form bears a striking resemblance to Asura's Berserker form, which was noted by Yasha.



Thousands of years ago, prior to the beginning of the story, with the power of Mantra at its disposal, the Trastrium Civilisation advanced at an exponential rate. Pollution and overpopulation began to harm the planet, and Mother Gaea became enraged with the cycle of life and death being grossly disrupted with the souls of mortals not returning to it once they left their bodies. In retaliation, Gaea, induced by Chakravartin, gave birth to the Gohma in an attempt to take back the souls that had been converted into Mantra and triggered a never-ending conflict between the Gohma and the Demigods known as the "War of Creation", an eternal conflict between the Demigods of Shinkoku and the Gohma and a perpetual cycle of Vlitra appearing more and more powerful with every subsequent appearance and being barely staved off by the Demigods. By corrupting life on Gaea, the Gohma assumed the appearance of the animals residing in the planet. Among them, the one called Gohma Vlitra became the very will of the planet and the embodiment of Gaea's wrath against the Demigods, being considered the source of all Gohma, and the ultimate threat to civilisation itself.

In order to defeat the Gohma, the demigods developed an ultimate weapon that would wipe out the Gohma from Gaea forever, the Brahmastra. The Eight Guardian Generals, the elite demigod forces, fought the Gohma to free the people of Gaea from its threat.

Shinkoku vs Gohma

The Shinkoku Army and the Eight Guardian Generals battle the Gohma

In a major battle between the demigods of Shinkoku and the Gohma, the Gohma appeared and sent out its forces to destroy the demigods and the Shinkoku fleet, but Asura, Wyzen, Yasha and Augus, the current top members of the Generals, destroyed the evil corrupted forces of the Gohma. Vlitra appeared and attacked the Shinkoku fleet, and the Eight Guardian Generals quickly moved to engage the beast with Asura in particular taking it on. He managed to damage, and in the end, finally subdue Vlitra. Yet it was only defeated and not killed permanently, so it would rise up again to continue its rampage.

12,500 Years later

With Vlitra only suppressed and not eradicated permanently, the Gohma continued to corrupt more of the lands and its animals.

Shortly after Deus' and the Seven Deities' defeat at the hands of Asura and Yasha, Gohma Vlitra emerges once again, yet far more powerful and massive than the last time Asura fought it, planning to destroy all life on Gaea. Hoping to finally end the conflict once and for all, Asura and Yasha head to Gaea's core to face Vlitra, but were overwhelmed by its unfathomable power.

Gohma Vlitra is defeated

Gohma Vlitra is finally defeated once and for all

However, thanks to the help of Asura's daughter Mithra, who sent her father and uncle Mantra from the Karma Fortress, the two demigods were empowered, especially Asura. The two force their way into Vlitra's core at the center of Gaea, however, the core manifested itself as Vlitra Core. It engaged Asura and Yasha in one final battle, but despite its insurmountable power, the two demigods managed to finally destroy it, wiping out Gohma Vlitra and freeing Gaea from its dark and evil spirit forever.

Powers and Abilities

Vlitra is extremely powerful, to the point that its Impurity Level is described as "immeasurable". Gohma Vlitra is by far the most powerful of all Gohma, understandably as it is the source of the Gohma, wreaking havoc upon civilisation every few thousand years and being capable of destroying worlds and planets. It is considered a threat to civilisation itself. Vlitra is powerful enough to effortlessly overwhelm the Eight Guardian Generals, including Asura and Yasha who are two of the strongest demigods of Shinkoku, and lay waste to the entire Demigod Army on its own. Driven by the will and fury of the planet and the destruction of humankind as its sole purpose of existence, Vlitra was virtually unstoppable.

In addition to its incalculable power, Gohma Vlitra is capable of evolving and growing more powerful each time it emerges. Vlitra is claimed to be "impossible to kill", with the only possibility of "defeating" it being to suppress it temporarily until the next time it awakens. Gohma Vlitra is resilient enough to withstand nearly all punishment from the Demigods and survive multiple defeats at the hands of the demigods only to return years later stronger than before. This extreme resilience is largely due to the fact that the Guardian Generals were never able to penetrate Gohma Vlitra's core, which contains its life force. The fact the Demigods could never permanently rid themselves of Gohma Vlitra and the Gohma after countless ages, speaks volumes of its overwhelming power and enduring nature.

Energy and Magma Projection: Being the most powerful of all Gohma, Gohma Vlitra is capable of generating immeasurable amounts of energy and magma. Vlitra possesses fearsome enough power to destroy worlds and planets. It can project blasts, beams, colossal concentrated beam waves, and devastating wide-spread barrages of innumerable energy and magma blasts from its mouth, which can utterly wipe out entire Shinkoku fleets and easily overwhelm even the strongest demigods, such as Asura and Yasha. Its blasts and beams also possess homing properties.

Gohma Summoning: Since it is the progenitor and source of the Gohma, Vlitra has the power to summon endless hordes of Gohma by corrupting the planet's energy. It passively produced Gohma during its entire existence. The Gohma can be considered extensions of its will and live only to follow Vlitra's will, even in the periods when Gohma Vlitra is incapacitated.

Soul Absorption: Like all Gohma, Vlitra has the ability to devour the souls of mortals. All the souls of the inhabitants of Gaea naturally reunite with it upon death. The tampering of such process by the hands of Shinkoku is one of the reasons that caused the planet to spawn Vlitra, which threatens to consume all living souls in retaliation, either by itself or through the Gohma.

Weather Manipulation: The Gohma have the power to affect the sky and weather with just their presence, turning the sky red and causing frequent and unnatural storms of red lightning. The manifestation of the Gohma is always foreshadowed and accompanied by these events.

Vacuum Adaptation: The Gohma are able to survive in outer space unaided and without any form of discomfort. They are not affected by the lack of atmosphere and increased level of cosmic radiation.

Impurity Level

As the most powerful of all Gohma and due to being the greatest threat to civilisation itself, Gohma Vlitra possesses an Impurity Level stated to be "Immeasurable".


The Will of the Planet: Gohma Vlitra

Gohma Vlitra Will of the Planet - Asura's Wrath Collection Illustration 61

Gohma Vlitra's evolved form

The source of all Gohma-- Gohma Vlitra's ultimate form. The destruction it is capable of is so great, itself alone is a threat to all of civilisation.

After 12,500 years, after the defeat of Deus, Gohma Vlitra awakens once again, this time emerging from Gaea bigger and more powerful than before. Vlitra manifests itself as a colossal Kraken-like creature, with a monstrous face at its center formed from fiery chasms on the surface of the planet, and surrounded by eight serpentine heads made out of rock and fire with gaping maws.

In this evolved state, Vlitra's power is described as "limitless" by Deus. The eight tentacle-like heads it possesses have similar abilities to Vlitra's previous form, but on a wider and more maneuverable scale due to the increased number of heads. The central face can release even stronger blasts of its own, especially when focusing energy through its eight auxiliary heads. However, the central face is also Vlitra's fatal flaw, as it acts as a direct path to the beast's core.

Vlitra Core

Gohma Vlitra Vlitra Core AW

Vlitra Core

Vlitra Core is Gohma Vlitra's true form and resides in Gaea's core. It is a large humanoid monster of volcanic rock and fire, and possesses four enormous extra arms of volcanic rock and lava. The Vlitra Core form strongly resembles Asura's Berserker form, which was noted by Yasha, since it is the incarnation/manifestation of the planet's wrath.

Vlitra Core is a more mobile and flexible opponent than its outer body. Its four enormous arms can deliver extremely powerful physical strikes and generate massive projectiles of solid volcanic rock, along with being able to discharge immensely powerful energy beams and create devastating eruptions and waves of fire and magma. While not as large as its alternate forms, Vlitra Core proves to be a tremendous foe, being fearsome, strong, resilient and fast enough to battle and hold its own against both Asura in his Mantra form and an empowered Yasha.

As long as its core remained intact, which contains its life force, Gohma Vlitra's defeats were only temporary, lasting as long as the monster needed to recover its strength, hence why the Demigods and the Eight Guardian Generals were never able to defeat it permanently.


  • Vlitra takes its name from the Vritra of Hindu Mythology, a primordial serpent-dragon representing drought and famine. According to the legend, it stole the waters of the world and hoarded them for itself. Interestingly, the Vritra in Hindu Myth was also an Asura spirit.
  • Gohma Vlitra's appearance on the second time it emerged was based on the eight-headed serpent from Japanese mythology: Yamata No Orochi.


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