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Quote1 All troops, commence purification! Quote2
— Kagebosh

"Machination Troop Operator" Kagebosh (真伝神衆賢位 陰法師) are operator-type soldiers that manage the command system of the Army of Shinkoku. They are the highest ranking soldiers in the Shinkoku Fleet.


AW Operator Kagebosh

Kagebosh look like robotic demigods. Their body is white in color with red markings all across it, and they have a spinning, crown-like mechanism on top of their head. Unlike most demigods, their mouth lacks structural complexity and simply moves up and down during speech, further cementing their robotic nature. They wear a red shawl, a sash with red ribbons and red greaves.


Kagebosh act in a cold and emotionless robotic manner, but they can process and relay extensive amounts of intel and data at high speed.


Powers and Abilities

The Kagebosh are the main operator units and highest ranking individuals in the Shinkoku Fleet, and they oversee and manage the operations and command system of the Fleet Ships and the Shinkoku Army. They rarely engage in battle and are mostly employed in the manning of airships because of their ability to process and relay extensive amounts of intel and data at high speed and to remotely manipulate Mantra-based weaponry.

Limb Extension: Kagebosh have elastic limbs, being able to stretch them to long distances and use them to flail the opponent when forced into combat.

Eternal Life: As demigods, the Kagebosh have eternal life and are unable to age.

Vacuum Adaptation: As demigods, the Kagebosh are able to survive in outer space unaided and without any form of discomfort. They are not affected by the lack of atmosphere and increased level of cosmic radiation.


Orbs: Kagebosh wield a collection of floating orbs that orbit around them, which can fire Mantra blasts at opponents.


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