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Alias Kalrow of the Seven Deities
General Kalrow (formerly)
Gender Male
Race Demigod
Deity/God (God of Sloth)
Age Appearance: 80
Mantra Affinity Sloth
Affiliation The Seven Deities
The Eight Guardian Generals (formerly)
Occupation Doyen, Chief Scientist and Technician of the Seven Deities
Adjutant of Emperor Strada (formerly)
Guardian General (formerly)
Voice Actors
Japanese Chikao Ohtsuka (大塚 周夫, Ōtsuka Chikao)
English Keith Szarabajka
Quote1.png It would be nice if one could rest for a bit. I do believe that I'm getting too old for all of this. Quote2.png
— Kalrow about the war with the Gohma

Kalrow (カルロ, Karuro) is a member of the Seven Deities and the leader of the Shinkoku Army fleet. He was formerly one of the Eight Guardian Generals, and the Guardian General of Sloth. His Mantra Affinity is Sloth.



Kalrow is an old man with a long white beard, eyebrows that connects to his balding, pointed hair and an eye that has been replaced by an unknown object, resembling a metal eye-patch with a black swirl on it. He bears white markings consisting of circular and linear designs on his hands and face. His age of appearance is stated to be 80. He wears robes which drape over his body and resemble the attire of a Buddhist monk. He also wields a staff that has wheels and a platform, functioning like a segway.


Kalrow is an indolent demigod with a tendency for complaining about the ongoing battles and the situations that occurred around him. He often referred to the factor of his age and how he felt he was getting old for his battles. Despite his indolence, he is a cunning and capable tactician and even organized the battle plans of the fleets of the Seven Deities as the "Great Tactician". As a sly tactician, Kalrow has others carry out what he has planned and rarely makes an effort to do anything himself. He is also skilled in fooling others. Kalrow takes great pride in his strategies and referred to them as flawless, but could easily be surprised when his plans were thwarted by an unprecedented issue (i.e. Asura wiping out his entire fleet, the Gohma destroying his ships, etc.). Kalrow is also somewhat cowardly as he refused to face Asura in person and generally used his minions to confront his opponents on his behalf. It is suggested that Kalrow is the God of Sloth.


Kalrow was a member of the Eight Guardian Generals, but he preferred to stay out of the fighting. Although he doesn't wield any combat prowess like some of the other Deities, he is an excellent strategist. Kalrow and Deus worked together on the plan to save Gaia, but Deus was the person who set it all in motion.

12,500 Years later[]

After Asura escaped Naraka, he met a young girl and the people of her village. Asura defended them from an attack of the Gohma, but soon after, Kalrow arrived with his soldiers to collect the souls of the people. Enraged by this deed, Asura killed Kalrow's soldiers and attacked his fleet which was flying in the sky. Kalrow let his fleet attack Asura, but the latter was too powerful and managed to wipe out the entire fleet. Kalrow managed to use an escape pod to flee, but Asura managed to grab on it. Kalrow begged for his life, but Asura crushed the escaped pod and Kalrow with it.

870 Million Years later[]

Kalrow later reincarnated into the modern world where he became an old, yet well-dressed and apparently wealthy man who caused trouble to the police by speeding on his Segway-esque vehicle.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kalrow is an elite demigod who was an integral member of the Seven Deities.

  • Intellectual Genius: While Kalrow is not as powerful as his fellow deities, his greatest skill is his vast intellect, as he can create strategies that can turn the tide of any battle. Kalrow possesses supernatural intelligence that allows him to coordinate the flow of the battlefield. Although it was Deus who killed Emperor Strada and ordered Durga to be killed and Mithra captured, Kalrow created the plan to overthrow the Emperor and seize control over Shinkoku.
  • Combat Prowess: Kalrow is known to be technologically savvy and manages to avoid physical confrontations, relying on well-placed and realistic holograms and illusions, and using his large number of troops to defeat his opponents. According to the Official Complete Works Guidebook, Kalrow is also an accomplished swordsman, but was never shown displaying such skill.
  • Immortality: As a demigod and like all other demigods, Kalrow possessed immortality and was unable to age. He is 80 in body and mind, but would not age and his lifespan was eternal thanks to Mantra and his demigod physiology. He also could not be killed by conventional methods and could only be destroyed by other deities and the Gohma.
  • Vacuum Adaptation: As a demigod, Kalrow is able to survive in outer space and in the moon unaided and without any form of discomfort.


  • "It would be nice if one could rest for a bit. I do believe that I'm getting too old for all of this."--To himself about the War with the Gohma
  • "My strategies are flawless. There is no need for us to be on the front. You need but sit back and await our victory."--To Deus
  • "Mortals! The Gohma have defiled your land. Before your tarnished souls fall to Naraka. I shall guide you to Heaven."---To humans
  • "What could you accomplish by trying to hurt us? Enjoy your new lease on life."--To Asura
  • "With no plan, there is no victory. The age of beasts has long since ended."--To himself while escaping Asura
  • "W-Wait, Asura! We, the Seven Deities, have finally brought stability and order to our world! And above all, your daughter is the pillar that keeps it in place! (Pause) Wait, I say! Even you had fought to protect this world from the Gohma, yes? We are almost there, soon the Gohma will be no more! After the Great Rebirth, no more will need to be sacrificed! Yes! The world will be free from the threat of the Gohma, and we shall attain eternal paradise! (Pause) No!"--To Asura (Last Words)


  • Kalrow is the oldest of the Seven Deities.
  • The plan to overthrow the Emperor and use Mithra as a source of power was Kalrow's doing.
  • His death scene might be a reference to the scene in the Dragon Ball Z movie, Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, where Broly murders his father Paragus by crushing the escape pod he is inside of, which also crushes him to death as well.
  • Kalrow's name, altered from the original title, Karlow, is a derivation of the name 'Harlow'. The name, 'Harlow', which means 'army' in Old English, connects to Kalrow's position as a military figurehead.
  • The markings on Kalrow's body (as well as all of the race of the Deities), are very similar to that of Amaterasu, Chibiterasu, and Shiranui from the Okami series.