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The Kanazuki Spring Attendants, or Hot Spring Attendants, are female attendants/servants who serve at Kanazuki Spring.


Hot Spring Attendant - Asura's Wrath Collection Illustration 50

Attendant Concept Art

The attendants are beautiful, voluptuous women who look like normal humans (despite being demigoddesses) and have short hair with their sidelocks wrapped in gold, and wear little more than a veil covering their eyes, a bra and a loincloth. They also wear purple lipstick, a white flower on their hair, and a golden collar and necklace, armlets, bracelets and bridal gauntlets, and anklets. One of the attendants has blonde hair, violet eyes, and light purple clothes, while the other has pink hair and pink clothes. They are graceful as they are deadly.[1]

In the epilogue, the attendants wear hats and purple outfits. One of the attendants wears a tight mini skirt, thigh highs and knee-high boots, while the other wears tight pants and shoes.[2]


After Augus rescues his student Asura, after the latter had fought Kalrow, he brings him to Kanazuki Spring to help him recover for their final battle. The attendants are summoned to serve them drinks while they relax, flirt and converse. When Asura attempts to touch one of the girls' breasts, Augus punches him and temporarily knocks him unconscious.[1]

870 Million Years later

870 million years later the attendants reincarnated into the modern world along with the rest of the demigods, where they now work at a restaurant along with Wyzen.[2]



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