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The Karma Fortress
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The Brahmastra

Quote1 Hear me now! Let this blast herald the coming of a new world order! Quote2
— Deus orders the Brahmastra to be fired

The Karma Fortress (因果要塞, Inga yōsai; lit. "Causality Fortress") is the Demigods' fortress built in Gaea's orbit and the Seven Deities' holding facility for all the Mantra they have collected for the Great Rebirth. The core/heart of the Karma Fortress is the Mantra Reactor.


Complete Karma Fortress

The Karma Fortress in its complete form

The Karma Fortress appears to look like a colossal ruined Buddha statue that easily dwarfs Gaea itself in size, with only an armless upper torso and a colossal, partially destroyed halo attached to the back, as seen in its first appearance.

After 12,000 years, the Seven Deities were able to build the arms of the fortress in its second appearance, in which it is seen performing a mudra.

After Deus fused with the Karma Fortress in a form known as Sakra Devanam Indra Deus, the fortress was completed, giving the fortress another arm and a lower torso. In its complete state, the Karma Fortress performs a mudra.


The Karma Fortress was seen as the ultimate stronghold and housed the demigods' most powerful weapon against the Gohma, the "Brahmastra". Through many battles, the Karma Fortress would appear to suppress the Gohma and its threat. However, after the coup of the Seven Deites, the fortress was used as a holding center for all of the souls the Seven Deities would use for the Great Rebirth and their ascension as gods.

12,500 Years later

The fortress was complete and at its peak when Deus merged with it, in a form known as "Sakra Devanam Indra Deus".

Due to the circumstances caused by Asura, Yasha, and the subsequent attack by Chakravartin, the Karma Fortress sustained heavy damage and was eventually torn apart. The remains of the once great stronghold fell to Gaea as ruins.

Abilities and Weapons

The Brahmastra

AW - The Karma Fortress firing the Brahmastra

The Karma Fortress firing the Brahmastra

The most powerful weapon the Karma Fortress possesses is known as the "Brahmastra". Mounted on the Karma Fortress, it is an extremely powerful cannon on the center of its forehead that fires a colossal, concentrated beam wave of pure Mantra. The Brahmastra is the demigods' ultimate weapon, with the ability to utterly obliterate anything within its line of fire, as well as being powerful enough to destroy Gaea. With its power dependant on the amount of Mantra at the fortress' disposal, the blast can contain thousands of years worth of human souls that are stored in the Mantra Reactor. However, it may need time to charge in order to fire at full potency. Its sole purpose is to eradicate Gohma Vlitra and consequently the Gohma off the face of the planet. The only times it was used was during the first battle with the Gohma and as a last ditch effort to defeat Berserker Asura.

By channeling Mantra through the center point of the chest of the Karma Fortress, Mithra was able to send a beam wave of Mantra that revitalized and empowered Asura and Yasha during their final battle against Gohma Vlitra.


The Karma Fortress is gargantuan in size, easily dwarfing Gaea. Due to its size and mass, it possesses preposterous strength, capable of producing massive force and shockwaves. The fortress is also extremely durable, as it was capable of withstanding Yasha's devastating kick at full power without suffering damage, and only Chakravartin was capable of damaging and dismantling it. The inside of the fortress is also equipped with several defence mechanisms such as automatic guns, traps and multiple battleships.

Mantra Storage and Manipulation

With the Mantra Reactor as its heart, the Karma Fortress can store vast amounts of human prayers and souls sent to it by the demigods and by specific devices. Once there, they are processed by the Fortress and used to synthesize Mantra. Its ability to convert souls into Mantra relies on Mithra's power. It also had tendrils that could forcefully control Mithra's abilities and transfer Mantra to other demigods.

Portal Summoning

The Karma Fortress can be summoned through a gigantic portal in space near Gaea's orbit.


  • In Hindu mythology, the Brahmastra was a mythical weapon created by Lord Brahma and one of the most powerful and destructive weapons in Hinduism. It was used in the war of Mahabharata. One of its variants, the Brahmashirsha astra, is said to be capable of destroying the world and creation itself.
  • In Hinduism, Buddhism and Indian religions, Karma is the principle of cause and effect of all actions. It is commonly used to refer to a principle of action where good and bad deeds bring about good and bad karma respectively.
  • Deus fusing with the Karma Fortress is very similar to how Sanctus fused with The Savior from Devil May Cry 4, in fact both the Karma Fortress and The Savior were giant creations that took a very long time to build.


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