The Karma Fortress is the Demigods' fortress and holding facility for all the Mantra they have collected for the
Karma Fortress
"Great Rebirth".


The Karma Fortress appears to look like a Buddha with only an armless upper torso with a large ring attached to the back with its first appearance. It is colossal in size and easily dwarfs that of Gaea itself. After 12,000 years, the Seven Deities were able to build a right arm for the fortress at its second appearance. After Deus fused with the Karma Fortress it was then known as Sakra Devanam Indra Deus that gave the fortress another arm and a lower torso.


The Karma Fortress was seen as the ultimate stronghold and housed their strongest weapon against the Gohma: the Brahmastra. Through many battles, the Karma Fortress would appear to suppress the Gohma and prolong its threat. However, after the coup of the Seven Deites, the fortress was used as a holding center for all of the souls the Seven Deities would use for the Great Rebirth and their ascencion as gods. Due the circumstances caused by Asura, Yasha, and the subsequent attack by Chakaravartin, the Karma Fortress sustained heavy damage and eventually was torn apart. The remains of the once great stronghold fell to Gaea as rubble and debris.


The only known weapon the Karma Fortress has is the colossal concentrated laser beam of pure Mantra at the center of its forehead, the Brahmastra. The Brahmastra is the demigods' most powerful weapon with the ability to obliterate anything within its line of fire. The only times it was used was during the first battle with the Gohma, a last ditch effort to defeat a Berserk Asura, and during the final battle against the Gohma Vlitra.


  • Deus fusing with the Karma Fortress is very similar to how Sanctus fused with The Savior from Devil May Cry 4, in fact both the Karma Fortress and The Savior were giant creations that took a very long time to build.
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