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Quote1 Asura, is it? How about it? Care for a match? Quote2
— Ryu asks Asura to spar

At Last, Someone Angrier Than Me is the 1st episode from the Lost Episodes DLC of Asura's Wrath. The Lost Episodes are two non-canon DLC episodes in the form of fighting games. Despite their purpose as a non-canon bonus DLC, the two episodes do share a story. The characters in the Lost Episodes are only voiced in Japanese.

This DLC is the crossover between Capcom's Asura's Wrath and Street Fighter.


One of the world's greatest warriors appears before Asura... His name is Ryu. He challenges Asura to a duel and they exchange punches in an intense battle. Ryu is then suddenly consumed by the Satsui no Hado...



Asura vs Ryu

In this episode, Asura encounters Ryu after he got transported through a portal. After the two warriors learn of each others names, Ryu challenges him to a fight. After a two round battle Asura transforms into his six-armed Vajra form and attacks Ryu with a powerful uppercut sending both of them to the moon. As Asura tries to drive his fist through Ryu's chest, Ryu is suddenly fully consumed by the Satsui no Hado as the Mantra impowers him and transforms into a demonic version of Evil Ryu, (Hatred Incarnate) and begins the second half of the battle. After a tiresome battle when Asura counters Evil Ryu's most lethal attack, the Raging Demon, Ryu having been affected by the Raging Demon, returns back to normal through sheer exhaustion as he then admires and commends Asura for his fighting potential and asks for another fight. However, before they can start, another person appears and is impressed by Asura's power challenges him to a fight. That person is revealed to be Akuma. This episode has no impact on the storyline of Asura's Wrath or the Street Fighter series and UDON comics, making these events non-canonical.

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Asura's Wrath DLC - Lost Episode 1


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