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Quote1 Satisfy my hunger for power, god of wrath! Quote2
— Akuma to Asura

The Strongest vs. the Angriest is the 2nd episode from the Lost Episodes DLC of Asura's Wrath. The Lost Episodes are two non-canon DLC episodes in the form of fighting games. Despite their purpose as a non-canon bonus DLC, the two episodes do share a story. The characters in the Lost Episodes are only voiced in Japanese.

This DLC is the crossover between Capcom's Asura's Wrath and Street Fighter.


After his battle with Ryu, Asura is confronted by Akuma, the fighter who seeks to surpass all. They clash in a fierce battle that escalates into both of their transformations: Akuma into Oni, and Asura into Mantra Asura. No one knows how far their battle will take them past the limits of their humanity.


Asura vs Akuma

Asura vs Akuma: The Strongest vs The Angriest

In this second episode, following the first one, Asura and Ryu are confronted by Akuma; the fighter who seeks to surpass all. After announcing himself he attacks the two fighters, pushing Asura away and performing the Demon Armageddon upon Ryu, sending him back to his original world. Asura then recovers and faces off against Akuma who is empowered by the Mantra, Asura gains the upper hand and causes Akuma to fly and crash after a powerful punch from Asura. Akuma then allows the Satsui no Hadou to take over him completely and transforms into Oni, which prompts Asura to transform into his second strongest form, Mantra Asura. The two fighters then face off in a titanic battle with Asura, once again, gaining the upper hand by countering all of Oni's Ultra attacks and engaging with his own. The battle escalates to the point where the very moon splits apart to the core and breaks from the sheer force of their blows alone. Asura and Oni begin to battle inside the moon, among the asteroids, space, when finally they wrestle and struggle against each other before crashing back down to Earth. The two fighters engage in a barrage of attacks with both refusing to step down.

500 years later, Asura and Akuma turn into stone with them reverted to their base forms, moments later the statues move and come to life, attacking each other one more time to finish the fight ending in a cliff hanger.

This episode has no impact on the story line of Asura's Wrath nor on the Street Fighter series or the UDON comics, making these events non-canonical.

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Asura's Wrath DLC - Lost Episode 2


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