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Mantra Reactor
Mantra Reactor-true appearance
The Mantra Reactor with all eight Mantra affinities



  • Core of the Karma Fortress
  • Mantra storage, generation and amplification device
  • Core implant of the Demigods (separate)

The Mantra Reactor (八極炉, Hakkyokuro, lit. "Furnace of the Eight Extremes") is the central focal device/heart of the Karma Fortress, where the Seven Deities keep Mithra to amplify their powers and collect Mantra for the Great Rebirth. It is used to create and store an enormous amount of power by magnifying Mantra, as well as converting millions of human souls into Mantra. It relies on Mithra's ability to control and amplify Mantra in order to do this.

The Demigods possess their own reactor that has been implanted in their bodies, differing from the Mantra Reactor. This allows them to harness and manipulate Mantra themselves, in addition to cybernizing and enhancing their bodies to superhuman levels.


The Mantra Reactor appears as a handheld metal energy core with eight points. Around the core lies eight coloured spheres, each representing a Mantra Affinity, which are used to combine the Mantra into a singular energy form.



The center of the Karma Fortress where the Mantra Reactor is

Many ages before the beginning of the story, the demigods began using the Mantra Reactor as an engine to amplify and store Mantra. They also started implanting separate reactors in their own bodies so that they could harness and manipulate Mantra themselves, achieving god-like power and superhuman capabilities. This enabled them to advance their technology and civilization, Shinkoku Trastrium, to incredible degrees, cementing themselves as the dominant governors of Gaea.

After the Seven Deities initiated their plan for the Great Rebirth, they began collecting the souls of humans to convert into Mantra. That Mantra would be stored inside the Mantra Reactor to contain and utilize the souls for the purposes of the Seven Deities. The Mantra Reactor was stored within the core of the Karma Fortress to use against the Gohma and was used by the the Seven Deities as their grand weapon against their enemies, most importantly Gohma Vlitra.

12,500 Years later

However, due to Asura's interference, Wyzen's carelessness and Olga's foolishness, the Mantra Reactor was drained of much of its power and would take another several centuries to regain the amount of power lost. Finally, all of the remaining souls were drained by the Gohma as a result of Deus's defeat by Asura and Yasha.


Asura receives the Mantra Reactor from the Karma Fortress

After Asura was rendered comatose from his fight with Chakravartin and the Karma Fortress was reduced to rubble, Yasha scavenged the Mantra Reactor and placed it in Asura's body as a vessel of power for the remainder of the story. Although the Mantra Reactor is still inactive for Asura's revival, Yasha has a solution by removing his own Mantra core and fuses it with the Reactor, empowering it to its fullest potential.


The Mantra Reactor is able to store vast amounts of Mantra as well as amplify it. While Mantra in its natural state possesses very little power on its own, through resonating it with the conductors within the Mantra Reactor, the demigods are able to magnify it and create an explosive source of power.

When implanted in the demigods' body, their reactor cybernizes and augments their bodies to immense superhuman degrees. Additionally, it allows them to harness and manipulate Mantra themselves.


  • According to Yasha, the Mantra Reactor held "seven trillion souls" worth of Mantra before it was permanently drained by the Gohma.
    • Scientifically, the radius/size of the human soul varies between 80 and 400 meters. In theory, the number of souls being "seven trillion" is possible to rival a black hole. An immeasurable feat to empower Asura in order to rival Chakravartin.


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