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Quote1 Lord Deus was everything to me! As long as Lord Deus was alive, nothing else mattered, but he is gone and I will never see him again! Now, you shall feel my pain!! Quote2
— Olga to Asura and Yasha as she is about to kill Mithra

Olga (オルガ, Oruga) is a Demigoddess and the second-in-command of the Seven Deities. Her Mantra Affinity is Lust. She was formerly one of the Eight Guardian Generals and former Guardian General of Lust, who served the Army of Shinkoku and the Emperor to fight against the Gohma.

She also serves as a major antagonist of Asura's Wrath.


Olga (Asura's Wrath)

Olga is a beautiful woman with long white/light blonde hair and a curvaceous, hourglass figure. She is the member of the Seven Deities who looks the closest to a normal human. Although not as apparent as her fellow Deities', she still bears the symbols and markings on her body inherent to the demigod race. Her age of appearance is stated to be 27. She wears an ornate dress of golden armour acting as a chest plate with a revealing midriff, matching gauntlets, and a skirt that extends slightly past her knees. She also wears protective golden leg guards which connect to her high-heeled shoes.


Olga is portrayed as a ruthless, determined, and overzealous demigoddess who strives to eliminate all who interfere with the plans of the Seven Deities. Olga speaks in an intellectual manner and a bewitching scent trails behind her wherever she goes.

She has absolute loyalty and devotion towards Deus and follows his orders without question, if pressed out of both fear and admiration for his power. She burns with hatred for anyone or anything that attempts to interfere with Deus' plans. Her feelings for Deus at certain points seemed to imply some level of love extending beyond professionalism, as when he was killed she was greatly distraught and genuinely weeped over his death, and tried to kill Mithra as revenge so that Asura and Yasha could "feel her pain" over the loss of Deus.

She has been seen as snobbish, bossy and arrogant since during her time as a Guardian General before her transition under the orders of the Seven Deities, as she arrogantly rants to her peers their inferiority to her as generals. During her time as one of the Seven Deities, she expressed an extreme level of callousness over humanity and casually wasted immense amounts of Mantra in her ambition to destroy her enemies, as she believed that with humans under control the Mantra supply was limitless. Olga clashed with her peer, Yasha, many times over her rash decisions and she harboured resentment towards him for limiting her efforts and acting under Deus' good graces.

It is strongly implied that Olga is the Goddess of Lust.


Early Life

Olga was originally one of the Eight Guardian Generals who took part in multiple battles against the forces of the Gohma. She took part in Deus' plan of the Great Rebirth and took Mithra captive. After Asura was defeated by Deus and cast down to Gaea, Olga froze Mithra within her containment prison and continue to act under Deus' command as one of the Seven Deities

12,000 Years later

After hearing of Asura's return, she was angered that he still existed and desired to destroy him to prevent any hindrances. Once Asura defeated Wyzen, she became upset over how one of the Seven Deities could be defeated, but was settled with letting Yasha finish Asura off while he was weakened.

500 Years later

When Asura returned, Olga discussed things with Yasha, saying that Asura had to be completely destroyed. Arriving with her fleet at a village Asura was located at, Olga bombards the village, reducing it to rubble and mercilessly killing its citizens. Olga's actions spark a terrifying outburst of fury in Asura that soars into the heavens and pulverises the majority of her fleet. Bewildered, Olga orders to fire the Bramahstra at Asura to completely annihilate him. Yasha tries to stop it, but the discharge was successfully fired. The now raging Berserker Asura fired his own discharge to counter it, and although it seemed the Brahmastra was successful, Yasha used his power to alter the laser's course through hitting the Karma Fortress from the side. Angry at Yasha's success in stopping the Brahmastra, Olga reported to Deus that Yasha had tried to stop her, but Deus telekinetically pushed Olga against a wall, telling her she should leave.


Olga's death by Chakravatin

After the death of Deus, Olga tries to kill Mithra out of revenge, but is killed instead by the Golden Spider, who turned out to be Chakravartin, the true god and the God of Mantra.

870 Million Years later

Olga is later reincarnated as Deus' secretary who is telling him of a meeting they are going to be late to attend, as he insists on helping an old man cross the road. She is then chastised for insisting otherwise.

Powers and Abilities

Olga is an elite demigoddess warrior who was an integral member of the Seven Deities and the former Eight Guardian Generals. While her skills in battle were never seen, it is undeniable that Olga was part of both the Seven Deities and Eight Guardian Generals, who are the most formidable demigods and warriors of Shinkoku. She held a longsword near the end of the story, implying she is a capable swordswoman. According to the Official Complete Works Guidebook, Olga is able to summon a wide number of weapons.

As one of the Eight Guardian Generals and the Seven Deities, Olga possesses one of the eight Mantra affinities; the Mantra Affinity of Lust.

Physical Abilities

Immortality: As a demigoddess and like all other demigods, Olga possessed immortality and was unable to age. She is 27 in body and mind, but would not age and her lifespan was eternal thanks to Mantra and her demigoddess physiology. She also could not be killed by conventional methods and could only be destroyed by other deities and the Gohma.

Vacuum Adaptation: As a demigoddess, Olga is able to survive in outer space unaided and without any form of discomfort. Se is not affected by the lack of atmosphere and increased level of cosmic radiation.


Mantra of Lust: Olga's Mantra Affinity is Lust. Like the other deities, she can harness the power of the Mantra to increase her physical attributes and destructive power. Olga is also able to manifest her halo to achieve greater power.

  • Ice Manipulation (Implied): It is implied that her Mantra allows her to manipulate ice, due to Mithra's pod freezing instantaneously when she placed her hand on it after Deus drops Asura off the edge of Shinto.
  • Halo: As all demigods who possess one of the eight Mantra affinities, Olga is able to activate her halo to unleash her full power.

Miscellaneous Abilities

Leadership: Olga's abilities as a leader were placed as the focus on the narrative. She may not have been the right-hand of Deus, but she took her role very seriously. Not only as a Guardian General but also as one of the Seven Deities, she held full authority to command her own space fleet that surrounds Shinkoku and Gaea and held enough authority to order the Brahmastra to fire on her command. She commanded her fleet to bomb Asura's location hours after his brawl with his mentor and dispatched multiple squads to hinder Yasha's attempt to stop the Brahmastra.


  • "How you two became generals is beyond me!"--To Sergei and Kalrow
  • "He is too much of a threat! He must be stopped here and now! Ready the Brahmastra!"--To Shinkoku troops about Asura's threatening power
  • "Then we will just get more Mantra. With the mortals under our control, our supply is endless. If we do not finish him now, there will be no Great Rebirth! If we finish him now, once and for all, he can never come back!"--To Yasha explaining her excuse wasting Mantra to use the Brahmastra on Asura
  • "Damn you. Yasha!!"--To Yasha for ruining her plans
  • "You need but obey Lord Deus' orders. We are all pawns in Lord Deus' game. There is no need for any of us to think!"--To Yasha about her loyalty to Deus
  • "Lord Deus' cause is absolute! Those who question the cause will not be forgiven!"--To Yasha
  • "So you made it back. Both of you! I am very happy to see you both in one piece. If you had lost to Vlitra...who would I exact my revenge upon? (Pause) I shall not. Lord Deus was everything to me! As long as Lord Deus was alive, nothing else mattered, but he is gone and I will never see him again! Now, you shall feel my pain!!"--To Asura and Yasha as her Last Words


  • Olga is the only female member of both the Eight Guardian Generals and the Seven Deities.
  • Olga is the second youngest of the Seven Deities, as well as the second youngest of the former Eight Guardian Generals.
  • Olga's Septentrion is named "Alioth" (玉衝), which corresponds to one of the seven stars that form the plough constellation and the larger Ursa Major constellation.
  • Olga is a common Russian female name, and it means "Holy".
  • She seems to be based on various love/lust female deities, which are omnipresent in Indo-European religions. Curiously, the reconstructed, "ancestral," love goddess from the first Indo-European religions seemed to have been associated with water, while Olga herself supposedly possessed ice-based abilities.
  • Although she is a demigoddess, it is possible that in comparison to the other Guardian Generals and Deities, Olga is just as weak as Kalrow, as when Deus threw her into a wall and bound her with his powers she left evidently in pain. Also, as with Kalrow, Olga went out of her way not to engage Asura in direct combat, willing to waste Mantra and the Brahmastra rather than fight him outright.
  • She is also the only member of the Seven Deities to not be directly killed (or have her death influenced) by Asura; rather, her demise was the direct responsibility of Chakravartin.


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