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Suffering is the 1st part of Asura's Wrath.


The Gohma attempt to seize the Brahmastra, which is defended by a massive fleet led by all eight Guardian Generals. Hoping to intimidate Vlitra, the Commander of the Generals, Deus, orders the Brahmastra fired. Incomplete and underpowered, the beam instead awakens Vlitra from its slumber prematurely. Asura breaks off from the fighting and engages Vlitra, subduing it alone. The other Generals are shocked, but quickly take credit and declare a final victory over Vlitra.

The next day, Asura is summoned to the Emperor's palace as all of Trastrium celebrates. Thinking he is to be commended, Asura enters the throne room and instead finds Strada murdered. The palace guard confront Asura, who flees home to protect his family as word of his "treachery" spreads.

Asura returns to his raided residence and comes across his wife Durga, mortally wounded. With her dying breath, Durga makes Asura promise to save Mithra, who has been captured and transported to the Karma Fortress. Distraught, Asura flies up to the Karma Fortress and finds the other Generals holding Mithra hostage. Asura attempts to take Mithra back from them, but is severely injured and incapacitated by Deus. Asura asks for Deus' motive as he is held over the side of the Karma Fortress.

According to Deus, Emperor Strada refused to take the radical steps needed to end the war, as it would be unpopular with the public. Fearing he would not see victory in his lifetime, Deus murdered Strada as part of a coup d'état against the Empire. Deus has no desire to be crowned Emperor himself, but still needs Asura as a scapegoat to deflect suspicion and Mithra to harness Mantra more effectively. He casts down Asura, who swears vengeance as he falls back down to Gaea and dies.

Asura's soul awakens dangling from a pillar in Naraka, a barren realm of the afterlife ruled by a mysterious figure known only as the Golden Spider. Suffering from amnesia, he begins to ascend the pillar as the Golden Spider hints about Asura’s past and what the mortal world has become in his absence. Fueled by his unexplainable anger, Asura breaks out of Naraka and inhabits his body, freeing it after 12,000 years in a massive explosion from beneath the surface. Asura wanders Gaea, which has turned into a vast wasteland with blood red skies and frequent lightning storms. Asura comes across a human village amidst the ruins that is under attack by Gohma. While Asura rescues the villagers, a capital ship descends to the village and deploys Trastrium warriors led by Wyzen, once a fellow General.

Wyzen explains that the Eight Guardian Generals disbanded after the coup, becoming the self proclaimed Seven Deities. Corrupted by power but still fighting the Gohma, the Seven Deities have seized control of Shinkoku Trastrium and oppressed the humans, systematically harvesting them in order to convert their souls into vast amounts of Mantra. The accumulated Mantra is meant in theory for the Brahmastra, but is often taken by the Deities to magnify their power. Asura has been vilified among the demigods, and is now known as "The Fallen". Infuriated, Asura duels Wyzen. Wyzen transforms several times, eventually tapping into the Karma Fortress' Mantra Reactor and to become a titanic, divine being. As he is about to be crushed under one of Wyzen’s fingers, Asura recalls his entire past. The subsequent release of wrath is so great that it obliterates Wyzen and shatters Asura’s arms, knocking him unconscious.

Upon awakening, Asura is confronted by Yasha, his former brother-in-law, who tells him to move on and to forget about Mithra. Asura refuses and fights Yasha despite the loss of his arms. Though he manages to damage Yasha's mask, he is ultimately overwhelmed and cleaved in half by Yasha.


# Cover Title Overview
1 Episode 1 Asura's Wrath The Coming of a New Dawn The eternal struggle between the Demigods and the Gohma was finally drawing to an end. The Shinkoku Army is led by the great warriors of Gaea -- The Eight Guardian Generals. One of them, the fearless Asura, charges forward with the aid of his Priestess daughter, Mithra. The final battle against the Gohma begins!
2 Episode 2 Cover Betrayal and Vengeance Priestess Mithra lent her power to the Shinkoku Army, and all of Gaea rejoiced at the victory over Vlitra... But this time of celebration did not last. For in the shadows of victory, the wheels of betrayal had already been set in motion. One that would shake the very foundation of Shinkoku...
3 Asura's Wrath Episode 3 Cover Hell on Gaea Labeled a traitor, with his wife killed and his daughter taken from him, all he has left is his wrath. Refusing to die, Asura awakens in a strange world. There, a mysterious spider appears and begins to guide him, spurring Asura to make his way back to his world.
4 Asura's Wrath Episode 4 Cover Old Friends, New Enemies After a long slumber, Asura awakens on Gaea. 12,000 years have passed. The world he knew was no more, yet nothing had changed. The struggle between the humans and the Gohma continued to rage. As Asura witnesses the Gohma attack a village, a familiar face appears.
5 Episode 5 Cover Hollow Victory Now one of the self-proclaimed Seven Deities, Wyzen is intent on sending Asura back to Naraka. His power is more terrible and fearsome than when he served as one of the Eight Guardian Generals. His power threatens to crush Asura!
6 Asura's Wrath Episode 6 Cover Confessions of a Mask After the defeat of Wyzen, Asura's old rival, Yasha, appears. Ever calm and collected, he outmatches Asura in every regard. However, Yasha says something that ignites the fires of rage within Asura!


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