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Rebirth is the 2nd part of Asura's Wrath.



# Cover Title Overview
7 Episode 7 Cover A Father's Duty Within one slash, Yasha mercilessly splits Asura in two. Asura finds himself back in Naraka, burning with more rage than ever. But for now, his only option is to follow the light...
8 Episode 8 Cover Willing Sacrifices Asura awakens on Gaea again, but this time at a small village shrine. His body has been enshrined by the local villagers. The Gohma then attack the village, and soon after, Kalrow's forces approach from the skies above.
9 Episode 9 Cover The Best Laid Plans Kalrow's brutality causes Asura to explode with anger. He launches into the skies and attacks the fleet. Amidst the battle, Asura discovers a mysterious machine onboard one of the ships. What purpose does it serve?
10 Episode 10 Cover Words of Wisdom Asura has defeated another of the Seven Deities, and is one step closer to getting his revenge. The next to appear is his old master, Augus. He speaks of days long gone as Asura licks his wounds from his battle with Kalrow. But this respite does not last long...
11 Episode 11 Cover The Final Lesson Asura and Augus' duel to the death begins. Their battle breaches the limits of possibility and breaks into the heavens. The intensity increases with each crushing blow. Who will be the victor, student or master? The outcome is unknown, even to the gods.
11.5 Episode 11.5 Cover Forging Ahead After emerging victorious over his former master, Asura moves onwards. His body battered and torn, he faces off against the Gohma that threaten a village. What was going through his mind, and how did he overcome such impossible odds? A part of Asura's story that no one knows will be revealed...
12 AW Episode 12 Cover Gods of Death A village in flames. The villagers willingly offer their lives to their gods, and the Seven Deities rip their souls out without remorse. Pure and absolute anger overcomes Asura...


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