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There are many powers in Asura's Wrath. They are mostly possessed by Asura himself, the Demigods, the Seven Deities, the Gohma, and Chakravartin.

Superhuman Strength

The ability to achieve inhuman levels of physical power and strength and deal immense damage to opposing threats. Superhuman Strength is a power possessed by all Eight Guardian Generals as well as other monstrous creatures in the game. This power allowed the strongest and elite demigods to lift extremely large objects with apparent ease and destroy colossal beings with their bare hands alone.

Superhuman Speed

The ability to achieve inhuman levels speed to the point of being completely untraceable by the human eye. Those who possess superhuman speed, can travel great distances in a short period of time.

Superhuman Reflexes

The ability to move at rates which surpass the speed of regular moving objects and gain inhumanly skilled acrobatic prowess. With superhuman reflexes, the demigods could react to fast individuals in less than a second and avoid being hit by an attack of a slower opponent.

Superhuman Agility

The ability to move fast, acrobatically move with fluid precision, and strike with great force. Using this power allows the user to fight and move like an expert martial artist without exhausting the user's body.

Superhuman Dexterity

This ability grants the user to become fast and precisely coordinated in battle. Beings with this power can stand their ground with relative ease and have full control over their own body.

Superhuman Durability

The ability to achieve enormous superhuman levels of bodily fortitude and resilience, and defense against external injury. This power is common among the deities and multiple Gohma in the game.

Superhuman Endurance

The ability to achieve superhuman levels of endurance and pain tolerance. The deities could withstand grievous injuries without quickly succumbing to wounds or being hindered by physical pain while in combat.

Superhuman Stamina

The ability to achieve inhuman levels of stamina and energy to avoid any unnecessary fatigue or fatal injuries. The demigods could survive a long and arduous battle without great injury and could only be wounded with special attacks. This power also granted the deities near limitless stamina and vitality which proved to be invaluable in battle.


The ability to rapidly heal from external/internal damage. With this power, Asura and the other deities can heal their wounds almost instantaneously. In Asura's case, he could also regenerate his six arms if one or more of them were destroyed.


The ability to never die, be fully extinguished from existence, or be affected by the rigors of time. Asura and his fellow demigods are immortal and cannot age. In addition, neither Asura nor the other gods appeared to have a soul, but they do appear to have a spirit. They can't be killed by normal means and can only be destroyed by other deities or the Gohma.

Vacuum Adaptation

The demigods can also survive in areas such as outer space or in the Moon unaided and without any form of discomfort. They are not affected by the lack of atmosphere and increased level of cosmic radiation.


The ability to achieve unaided movement through the air and defy the pull of gravitational force through sheer force will. All the demigods possess this power, which grants them the ability to fly and move through the air at devastating speeds.

Lightning Manipulation

The ability to control and command the forces of lightning and other forms of electricity. Deus is the only known user of this ability as well as its most powerful known user. However, Yasha was seen using lightning to an extent on a brief occasion.

Ice Manipulation

The ability to control and command the forces of Ice. Olga is arguably the only known user of this ability, as she is seemingly seen freezing Mithra after Deus drops Asura off the edge of the space station, suggesting that she has control over ice.


The ability to move from one area of space to another at an instantaneous rate. Some demigods possess the ability to teleport to any destination they wish to go (their style of teleportation varies from individual to individual). Deus uses a lightning-style of teleportation.

Mantra Projectiles

The ability to fire concentrated blasts of bio-kinetic Mantra from one's body. Asura was able to shoot Mantra projectiles at his opponents via rapid-fired punches.


The ability to change the form or size of oneself and increase one's physical attributes and power via physical transformation. Wyzen was able to change his size to gigantic levels using this power. Asura is one of the few entities who has demonstrated access to numerous transformations.

Energy Projection

With this ability, the Ghoma are able to project powerful red energy blasts and attacks that can wipe out Shinkoku soldiers and fleets in an instant.

Mantra Manipulation

With this ability, the demigods and deities are able to cast powerful Mantra attacks which can wipe out enemies in an instant. While Asura and Wyzen showed this ability through shooting Mantra projectiles, Yasha is able to enhance his speed and strength as well as forming blades out of pure Mantra to slice through the enemy lines. The Guardian Generals could also manifest their own individual halo which levitated behind them and augmented their Mantra power to much greater levels.

Enhanced Mantra Manipulation & Amplification

An enhanced version of Mantra Manipulation. It is a powerful ability that allows its user to enhance the powers and Mantra of other beings to god-like levels, as well as heal any wound the recipient might have suffered and rejuvenate their vitality and stamina. Mithra is the only known person who possesses this power.

Absolute Mantra Manipulation

The complete and absolute control over Mantra that allows its user to perform unimaginable feats and freely manipulate all the Mantra in the universe at will. Chakravartin, the God of Mantra, is the only user of this powerful ability.