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Shinkoku Army
AW - The Shinkoku Army
The Shinkoku Army with their Orbital Fleet in formation around the Karma Fortress to battle the planetary threat of the Gohma


Military Leaders


Shinkoku Trastrium

  • The Seven Deities
  • The Eight Guardian Generals (formerly)




Karma Fortress


  • Protect Gaea and its inhabitants
  • Battle the Gohma

The Shinkoku Army (神国軍, Kami kokugun; lit. "Divine Army") is a powerful military force created and utilized by the Shinkoku Trastrium to combat the Gohma, a veritable swarm of bloodthirsty beasts that constantly threatened to overturn civilization. The Army was commanded by the Eight Guardian Generals, the 'veteran elite' of Shinkoku.

The Shinkoku Army consisted of a navy collectively referred to as the "Orbital Force Fleet" (宇宙駐留船団, Uchū chūryū sendan; lit. "Space Garrison Fleet") which was commanded by Olga and comprised of hundreds of ships capable of rapidly deploying ground forces anywhere on Gaea to combat the surmounting threat of the Gohma. The Army's robotic infantry itself appeared capable of both exo-atmospheric combat and ground operations, most units being adept at fighting in both and thus very versatile against the combined forces of Gohma Vlitra, and to a lesser extent Asura.



The Colossi are weapons that take upon the image of buddhas. They are various weapons (halberds, spears, longswords, axes, shields, etc) used by the Shinkoku Army's soldiers. Created through amplified Mantra conversion, they are immensely powerful and are essential in the war against the Gohma. Each member of the army is equipped with a type of Colossi adapted to their rank.


The Shinkoku Army's main weapon is the Hamaya, which they use to purify the Gohma. They are either fired as projectiles by the battleships or employed in indiscriminate carpet bombings. They come in different forms, such as various bullet calibers to missiles and bombs:

  • Hamaya Seeker: Hamaya with strong tracking ability, in the shape of a missile.
  • Hamaya Combuster: Hamaya used for explosive attacks from the sky. Explodes on impact, sets a wide range on fire, and curses the Gohma.
  • Hamaya Piercer: Hamaya that rather than exploding at the moment it hits its target, it explodes inside the target after piercing through it.
  • Hamaya Scatterer: Hamaya that separates before hitting its target, and scatters smaller Hamaya over a broad range.
  • Hamaya Wind Reaper: Hamaya that provides rapid, successive fire over a broad area for a barrage against aircraft.

Ground and Aircraft Units


AW Private Doji

Purification Troop Private, Doji

Low-ranking soldiers and the backbone of Shinkoku's forces. The Doji were individually quite weak but very numerous, drawing their strength from numbers and their golden khakkhara polearms that served a similar purpose to Ancient Rome's Pilum, being utilized as an effective melee weapon or tossed at enemies from afar (though they rarely exhibit the latter behavior ingame). In some occasions they can also use a large golden shield to fight in formations while in battle. They often appear riding aerial Lotus pods that allows them to fire Mantra projectiles from afar.

They quickly get carried away and are easily confused. They often speak in short one-word sentences. They also appear to have a fundamental understanding of tactics in some circumstances, but rarely apply it after making contact with the enemy. Generally, it would seem that all Doji Purification Troops are rated at Private due to their cowardice and lack of individual initiative unless under extreme circumstances. However, these undesirable traits were eliminated to some degree by the inclusion of a Purification Troop Captain in each squad.


AW Captain Rasho

Purification Troop Captain, Rasho

Middle-ranking soldiers of the Shinkoku Army and the Purification Troop Captain. The Rasho are fierce warriors specializing in direct combat, and they show no mercy towards enemies. Armed with a hulking longsword or a heavy lance, and at least twice the height of its subordinates, the Doji, the Captain enforces order among its squad while simultaneously inspiring fear in whomever opposed the Shinkoku Trastrium, and later the Seven Deities.

They usually command the Doji in troops. The Rasho are able to channel Mantra into their weapons for increased effectiveness and to send flying slashes of Mantra to slice their enemies. They occasionally use a large wheel similar to an unicycle for travelling at high speeds.


AW Major Taison

Redemption Troop Major, Taison

High-ranking soldiers of the Shinkoku Army and Redemption Troops. They speak with honour and have nothing but utmost respect for the Seven Deities, but to everyone else they are rude and condescending.

On top of being skilled in hand-to-hand combat, their large bodies allows them to handle large weapons with ease. Very much the heavy lifters of the Shinkoku Army, they resemble statues of the real-world Buddha and their base attack is what one would expect a soldier of the stature to do. While the Taison comes in several variants, each with different specialities, the basic Taison troop will assail enemies utilizing the unit's enormous weight, strength and durability as much as possible, such as leaping in the air and crushing opponents using its abdomen or striking the ground to create powerful shockwaves. They were valued much more than their Purification Troop counterparts, holding ranks like Major within the Army.

Taison Specialist

AW - Taison Specialist

Taison Specialist

A variant of the Taison is the Taison Specialist, who wields two sets of akimbo weapons, each suited to a different tactical situation. One was more successful against individual opponents, being two large beam cannons. The other was likely more suited to hordes of enemy units, as was a very common scenario when fighting the Gohma. This loadout consisted of two underhanded weapons resembling mortars in function with limited range, most likely for close-in AOE support. These weapons can channel Mantra to then fire large Mantra spheres to destroy enemies.

Taison Nyudo

AW - Taison Nyudo

Redemption Troop Colonel, Taison Nyudo

The final variant are the Redemption Troop Colonels, known as Taison Nyudo, who were powerful and gigantic Taisons. A common loadout of a Taison Nyudo was a weapon resembling a chaingun, which is powered by Mantra. While decreasing mobility for the unit, it made it a valuable asset in space battles where groups of Taison would screen larger ships like Septentrions using suppressive fire, limiting the effectiveness of smaller opponents to the craft. The chaingun-like weapon could also be used to great effect against boarding parties, as evidenced by former General Asura's boarding of Kalrow's flagship. It appears in every Septentrion there are hundreds of Nyudos ligned for combat as seen in Kalrow's ship Phecda.


AW Operator Kagebosh

Machination Troop Operator, Kagebosh

The Machination Troop Operator, Kagebosh are operator-type soldiers. They act in a cold and emotionless robotic manner, but they can process and relay extensive amounts of intel at high speeds. They can stretch their bodies to great lengths in combat and fire orbiting spheres of Mantra against opponents. They are the main operator units and highest ranking individuals in the Shinkoku Fleet, and they oversee and manage the operations and command system of the Fleet Ships and the Shinkoku Army.

Naval Units


Single pilot fighter jets of the Shinkoku Army with a double set of Mantra guns. Their speed and high-maneuverability makes them ideal to contrast air-based enemies and provide support to larger ships. Their main purpose is to neutralize the threat of air-based Gohma.



A Nirvana ship

Middle-sized ships of the Shinkoku Orbital Fleet. They are very numerous, composing the majority of the Shinkoku fleet, but are prone to destruction in that their armour appears weak enough that the ship can be obliterated by a sole powerful demigod. It is likely the ship is a frigate in Shinkoku's classifications, and was used by the Seven Deities to collect the souls of the humans to be used as Mantra for the Brahmastra. They are armed with various weapons for purifying the Gohma, such as dozens of cannons that fire beams of Mantra (including an Absolution Cannon), and Hamaya projectiles. However, their main purpose is to store and transport human souls.



A Septentrion among dozens of Nirvana

The seven enormous battleships belonging to each of the Seven Deities and acting as flagships for the fleets. They are heavily armed with weapons to purify the Gohma, the most powerful being the Absolution Cannon equipped on its bow. It was an extremely resilient ship that served as a flagship for the Eight Guardian Generals, a trait that did not change as the latter transitioned into the Seven Deities. They are often seen escorted by a plethora of Nirvana Shinkoku ships, who provided additional firepower. They normally have a huge face imprinted at the bottom of the ship and a hanger bay where Vinaya fighter jets deploy and protect the ship from danger.


The Absolution Cannon

Septentrions themselves have no shortage of firepower, being not only equipped with several laser banks and missile pods, but the Absolution Cannon that can all but eliminate most Gohma vessels in one shot by firing a massive beam. It is likely that the beam emitted from the gun is powered by Mantra; it is seemingly the Brahmastra on a much smaller scale with a correspondingly lower Mantra cost, making repeated firings much more feasible before the time of the Seven Deities. They are equipped with an array of Hamaya missiles to send bombardments and use for both Gohma and human "purifications" (mass genocide).


Lotus Pod

Assault pods that send Doji and Rasho soldiers to the battlefront. Ideal for drop missions as they are able to deploy the soldiers in advantageous locations with pinpoint accuracy and return them to base upon completing their tasks.

Aerial Lotus Pod

Smaller variations of the Lotus Pod. Floating platforms shaped like a lotus flower that can be ridden by Doji soldiers. These aerial lotus pods allow the Doji to fly and fire Mantra blasts from afar.


One-wheeled transports used by Rasho and Doji soldiers. The soldiers ride them by clinging on to the side of the wheel. They have excellent mobility and can transport soldiers at high speed regardless of the terrain.


  • Only Olga, Wyzen, Kalrow, and Sergei's Septentrion and their names and have been revealed; the Alioth (玉衝) belonging to Olga, the Merak (巨門) belonging to Wyzen, the Phecda (禄存) belonging to Kalrow, and the Mizar (開陽) belonging to Sergei. Deus, Yasha and Augus' have not been revealed. It is also hinted that Asura had his own, as seen in the first episode.
  • Each name of the Septentrions corresponds to a star system or constellation; in this case, they are named after stars that form the plough constellation, itself part of the larger Ursa Major constellation.


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