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Shinkoku Trastrium
AW Shinkoku Trastrium
The Empire of Shinkoku-Shinto (Capital City)

Other names

  • Shinkoku
  • Trastrium Civilization





Former leaders

Emperor Strada

Known Priests/Priestesses



Shinkoku Army


Karma Fortress


The Gohma

Shinkoku Trastrium or simply Shinkoku (神国, Shinkoku; lit. "Divine Country"), also referred to as the Trastrium Civilization, was a unified nation on Gaea founded in the ancient past and the ruling civilisation on Gaea. Its capital city is Shinto, which also serves as the headquarter and residence of the Eight Guardian Generals, the warrior veteran elite of Shinkoku and the second in command after the Emperor. The 128th Emperor of Shinkoku was Emperor Strada, and after his assassination, Deus, the Commander of the former Eight Guardian Generals, became its next de-facto ruler.

The Trastrium Civilization was a hyper-advanced civilization evolved from a fusion of science and religion, and extended its hegemony over the entire world. The structure of the society was strictly hierarchical. Demigods were considered the superior and noble class and governed the lower class humans. Shinkoku Trastrium was formed for the purpose of protecting the world and defeating the impure Gohma, though they changed their ways rather radically from strong defense to radical offense.


In the ancient past, an advanced civilization known as Shinkoku Trastrium rose to power and unified the nations of Earth, then known as Gaea. Shinkoku Trastrium was a hierarchical empire, under which unaltered mortal humans comprised the lower classes, which was ruled by near-immortal genetically/cybernetically altered humans called Demigods, upon whom the god Chakravartin bestowed the power of Mantra in order to enable their development. The Emperor was the beloved figurehead of Trastrium and commanded the demigod military through his Eight Guardian Generals, an elite group of demigod warriors charged with protecting both Shinkoku and Gaea. The demigods controlled the supply of Mantra, a powerful energy source that is derived from emotions and prayers. Only demigods could manipulate Mantra, which granted them hyper-advanced technology and allowed the demigods to augment their physical abilities. The demigods promoted a new world religion based around their worship, and made great advances in science and technology from the resulting influx of Mantra. The demigods lived in vast and prosperous enclaves, featuring grandiose architecture and a highly futuristic level of technology.

Trastrium's growth came at the cost of critical levels of pollution and overpopulation, which began to harm the planet and force Gaea into action. The very will of the planet, induced by the God of Mantra, Chakravartin, unleashed its natural immune system to restore balance to the world: the Gohma. In the form of endless hordes of corrupted animals and creatures, the Gohma's attempts to cleanse the world were barely fought off by Trastrium forces over millennia, with neither side possessing a way to decisively defeat the other. This eternal conflict became known as the War of Creation.

The War of Creation dragged on, punctuated every few thousand years with the awakening of Vlitra, the source of all Gohma and the embodiment of the planet’s rage towards Trastrium and the Demigods. While suppressed by succeeding generations of Generals and billions of warriors, Vlitra and the Gohma eventually gained enough power to wipe out humanity and the demigods at the time of Vlitra's next awakening. Fearing defeat, the demigods begin construction of the Karma Fortress, an orbital space station which housed the Brahmastra, an ultimate weapon powered by Mantra, which could suppress the Gohma's presence over long periods of time.

Asura was the newly appointed Demigod Guardian General of Wrath to the Eight Guardian Generals. Prior to the events of the game, his daughter Mithra was chosen by Emperor Strada, the 128th Emperor of Shinkoku, to be Trastrium’s Priestess, the ultimate amplifier of Mantra and morale for the Demigods in the War of Creation. Asura grudgingly approved, and went on to fight many battles with the help of his daughter's prayers.

After the latest awakening of Gohma Vlitra, Emperor Strada and Deus, the commander of the Eight Guardian Generals, found each other on diverging opinions regarding the future of Shinkoku, with the latter pushing for firm actions that the emperor was not willing to take. Deus drew all the Guardian Generals but Asura to his side and orchestrated a coup d'etat. Strada is thus assassinated and Asura gets framed for the crime, allowing Deus to dispose of his only opposer and seize his daughter Mithra, whose power is fundamental to his plans. The Empire of Shikoku Trastrium was thus completely overthrown and fell under the absolute control of the Seven Deities with Deus as the new de-facto ruler.

12,000 Years after Asura's death

Deus plans to harness enough Mantra to wipe out Gohma Vlitra once and for all as soon as possible. For the following 12,000 years, the politics of Shinkoku towards humans changes drastically. The amount of Mantra obtained from prayers is not enough anymore, as their very souls provide much more. Mortals are then systematically harvested, whose blind belief in the demigods and fear of the Gohma remains subservient and induced into willing sacrifice.

With the protection of humans not being a priority anymore, the entire world spirals into decay and ruin because of the uncontrolled collateral damage and tyrannical oppression. Things begin to change with the return of Asura from the realm of the dead. Faithful to the old morals and willing to do anything to rescue his daughter and claim revenge on those who betrayed him, Asura sides with the humans and begins his quest to take down the oppressors.

500 Years later

Due to events caused by the betrayed demigod, Asura, and the efforts of Yasha, former member of the Seven Deities, the empire of Shinkoku Trastrium is thrown into disarray and eventually falls into ruins, with the death of Chakravartin being the final event that spells the complete collapse and disappearance of the Trastrium civilisation.



  • Gaea (Homeworld)
  • Shinto (Capital City): Shinto is the capital city of Shinkoku. It is where the main authority of the empire is held and where the Emperor resides. It suspends in high altitude.

Other locations

Military Structure/Weaponry


Main Leaders


Military Leaders


Military Units


  • Doji
    • Doji Aerial Lotus Pod Units
    • Doji Shield Units
  • Rasho
    • Rasho Bikers



  • Taison
    • Taison Specialist
    • Taison Nyudo (Redemption Troop Colonel)


  • Vinaya
  • Nirvana
  • Septentrion (General/Deity Ships)


Military Weapons


  • Wailing Dark (Augus' Sword)
  • Sakra (Deus' Nunchaku)

Melee Weapons (Colossi)

  • Halberds
  • Spears
  • Longswords
  • Shields

Ranged Weapons (Colossi)

  • Orbs
  • Twin Guns
  • Mantra Cannon/Chaingun


  • Lotus Pod
  • Aerial Lotus Pod
  • Wheel
  • Lone Wolf Corvette (Yasha's personal hover bike)

Power Source & Technology


  • Cybernetic Implantation/Cyborgization: Many Demigods, most notably those specialized in the art of war, possess other physical enhancements in the form of cybernetic implants and augmentations, with some individuals being more machine than flesh.
  • Energy Transference: The Demigods are able to turn souls into Mantra with machines, which they use to power themselves and their weapons.
  • Mantra Transmutation: The Colossi are created by converting amplified Mantra intro physical matter. The Karma Fortress has most likely been created in the same way, as that is the way Deus completed its structure after merging with it.
  • Holographic Projection: The airships of the demigods possess holographic technology and are able to transmit live projection in real time.


  • Superhuman Physiology: Demigods were originally humans who were powered by Mantra, enhancing their physical abilities and power to incredible superhuman levels. Regular humans came to treat them as divine beings.
  • Eternal Life: Demigods are unable to age thanks to Mantra, possessing a virtually eternal lifespan.
  • Mantra Manipulation: The demigods' ability to manipulate Mantra is the very foundation of their society as a whole, the origin of their abilities and the power source of their technology and weapons. By activating the Mantra within their bodies through their reactor, the demigods are able to enhance their physical abilities and power to a great extent. They use these abilities and their prowess of manipulating Mantra to promote the advancement of civilisation and govern the humans. They also use their abilities to fight against the Gohma and protect their way of life.
  • Emotion Empowerment: The Eight Guardian Generals are capable of growing stronger from the Eight Mantras' emotions of Wrath, Pride, Melancholy, Lust, Violence, Greed, Sloth and Vanity.
  • Prayer Empowerment: Demigods are beings who are powered by Mantra, metaphysical energy that can be found in living beings (souls) and prayers. Prayers chanted by humans and other demigods empower them.
  • Size Manipulation: One of the Seven Deities, Wyzen, is capable of changing his size from being larger than a human, to mountain size and even to planetary size. After having the Karma Fortress' Mantra Reactor implanted in his chest, Asura also became capable of growing to planetary sizes.
  • Soul Extraction: Many of the Demigods have the ability to extract the souls of mortals, which are then stored on the battleships and sent to the Karma Fortress, where Mantra is synthesized from them. Standard troops utilize specific devices which were once used to harness the power of prayers, but have later been repurposed to store souls.
  • Soul Manipulation Resistance: Asura has a very resilient soul, having returned from Naraka several times.
  • Lightning Manipulation/Electrokinesis: Deus, the leader of the Seven Deities, has the power to generate and control lightning and electricity.
  • Flight: Asura and the Demigods have the ability to fly through the air by the use of Mantra to travel at high speeds to different places such as space.
  • Vacuum Adaptation: The demigods are capable of surviving in areas normal humans cannot such as outer space and the Moon unaided and without any form of discomfort. They are not affected by the lack of atmosphere and increased level of cosmic radiation.
  • Healing Factor: Asura has shown the power to heal his body through the use of Mantra.
  • Halo: The demigods have the ability to activate their own individual halo, allowing them to unleash their full power.
  • Energy Absorption: Asura is able to absorb the power of the Mantra Reactor, to make himself even more powerful.
  • Reality Warping Resistance: Asura has displayed the ability overcome reality-based attacks from his fight with the conceptual God of Mantra known as Chakravartin.


  • It is theorized that Shinkoku is somehow connected to the Okami franchise, giving the possibility of a shared-verse and realm, as Amaterasu herself makes a cameo appearance.
  • According to the UDON Comics and books based around Capcom media, Shinkoku is believed to be more dangerous than the Makai Realm, as Jedah himself believes that this is one of the many realms that is more dangerous to his race, it should be noted, that Makai realm is involved with the origins of the supernatural, as opposed to Shinkoku being involved with origins of the divine.
  • Shinkoku and Gaga is one of the few realms that even the Makai Noble Morrigan doesn't know about yet in the UDON Comics.


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