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Quote1 Surrender your soul to us. It must be saved. Quote2
— Taison to Asura

"Redemption Troop Major" Taison (救世神衆範師 大尊) are high-ranking soldiers of the Army of Shinkoku.


AW Major Taison

Taison are demigods of enormous stature that resemble the Budai. They look like statues and somewhat robotic, with a decorated, golden metallic body and wearing a brown sash around their waist. They often have a halo floating behind their heads.


The Taison speak with honor and have nothing but utmost respect for the Seven Deities, but to everyone else they are rude and condescending. They usually strike poses (such as the shiko of Sumo wrestlers) and perform mudras while speaking.


When Asura climbed out of Naraka for the second time, he encountered Kalrow leading his soldiers to harvest human souls for Mantra. A Taison among Kalrow's ranks crushes several worshippers, killing them to release their souls to be collected.

Powers and Abilities

The Taison are high-ranking soldiers of the Shinkoku Army and are valued much more than their Purification Troop counterparts, holding ranks like Major within the Army. On top of being skilled in hand-to-hand combat, their large bodies allow them to handle large weapons with ease. The Taison comes in several variants, each with different specialties.

Superhuman Strength & Durability: Taison's enormous body grants them great strength, and allows them to handle large weapons with ease. Very much the heavy lifters of the Shinkoku Army, their base attack is what one would expect a soldier of the stature to do. The basic Taison troop will assail enemies utilizing the unit's enormous weight, strength and durability as much as possible, such as leaping in the air and crushing opponents using its abdomen, using sumo-like fighting techniques, and generating powerful shockwaves by striking the ground with their palms and stomps.

Eternal Life: As demigods, the Taison have eternal life and are unable to age.

Vacuum Adaptation: As demigods, the Taison are able to survive in outer space unaided and without any form of discomfort. They are not affected by the lack of atmosphere and increased level of cosmic radiation.


Taison Specialist

AW - Taison Specialist

Taison Specialist

Taison Specialist is a variant of the Taison who wields two sets of akimbo weapons.


The Taison Specialist wields two sets of akimbo weapons, each suited to a different tactical situation. One was more successful against individual opponents, being two large beam cannons. This set is able to channel Mantra to fire large Mantra spheres to destroy enemies.

The other set was likely more suited to hordes of enemy units, as was a very common scenario when fighting the Gohma. This loadout consisted of two underhanded weapons resembling mortars in function with limited range, most likely for close-in AOE support. This set could fire missiles.

Taison Nyudo

"Redemption Troop Colonel" Taison Nyudo are variants of Taison, being even more powerful and gigantic than the regular Taison. Their enormous body allows them to handle massive weapons with ease. Taison Nyudo seem to specialize in space combat, with groups of them firing upon spaceborne enemies.

It appears that in every Septentrion there are hundreds of Nyudos aligned for combat, as seen in Kalrow's ship, Phecda.

Flight: Taison Nyudo are able to fly in space.


Chaingun: The common loadout of a Taison Nyudo was an enormous weapon resembling a chaingun, which is powered by Mantra. It is loaded with explosive rounds and is capable of channeling Mantra to fire Mantra blasts and beams. While decreasing mobility for the unit, it made it a valuable asset in space battles where groups of Taison would screen larger ships like Septentrions using suppressive fire, limiting the effectiveness of smaller opponents to the craft.

The chaingun-like weapon could also be used to great effect against boarding parties, as evidenced by former General Asura's boarding of Kalrow's flagship.



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