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The Eight Guardian Generals
Tapestry of the Eight Guardian Generals
The Eight Guardian Generals with the Emperor in the middle

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Known former members


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  • Protect Gaea and its civilization
  • Battle the Gohma
Quote1 Long, long ago, there lived eight legendary demigods. They were known as the Eight Guardian Generals. They led the demigod legions against the impure Gohma, bringing peace and prosperity to the world. Quote2
— The history of the Eight Guardian Generals

The Eight Guardian Generals (八神将, Hasshinshō; lit. "Eight Divine Generals") were the elite group of eight Demigod generals of the Shinkoku Army directly under the command of the Emperor. They were charged with protecting Shinkoku, its Emperor and civilisation on Gaea from the evil forces of the Gohma.


The Eight Guardian Generals were an elite group of eight Demigod generals handpicked by the Emperor of Shinkoku to protect Shinkoku Trastrium and Gaea's civilisation from those who wished to destroy it. For eons, the Eight Guardian Generals have battled with the impure Gohma for control over Gaea and peace for Shinkoku. Throughout history, the Eight Mantras have been passed down from older generations of generals.

In the latest struggle against the Gohma, Emperor Strada, the latest Emperor, led the current Eight Guardian Generals against the recent battle against the Gohma, won by the efforts of the newest General, Asura.

After the Gohma's latest defeat, a coup d'état was orchestrated by Deus, the current leader of the Generals, which culminated in the assassination of the Emperor and the banishment and death of General Asura, who was blamed as the cause. After Asura's apparent death, the Eight Guardian Generals were disbanded and transformed into the Seven Deities, while under the control of Deus, who took over the world to rule as Gods and maintain all of Gaea as their domain, seeking to defeat Gohma Vlitra once and for all.


The General positions are passed on from generation to generation as well as the Mantra Affinity (eg. Wrath, Pride, etc) that will be chosen for the successor after the previous General has retired. Whenever a previous Guardian General of a certain Mantra Affinity is permanently incapacitated, a new appointed Guardian General would take their place and the Mantra Affinity they possessed. If no one is fit for the position and the specific Mantra Affinity, the seat will remain vacant until a suitable replacement is found.

Known Former Members

Name Position Mantra Affinity Status
Deus Commander Guardian General Pride Deceased †, Reincarnated
Asura Guardian General Wrath Deceased †, Reincarnated
Yasha Guardian General Melancholy Deceased †, Reincarnated
Augus Guardian General Greed Deceased †, Reincarnated
Wyzen Guardian General Violence Deceased †, Reincarnated
Sergei Guardian General Vanity Deceased †, Reincarnated
Olga Guardian General Lust Deceased †, Reincarnated
Kalrow Guardian General Sloth Deceased †, Reincarnated



Wyzen, Asura, Augus and Yasha view upon Gohma Vlitra's rise

The Guardian Generals have a human-like appearance, yet they seem to appear and be more like holy deities due to their divine status. The Guardian Generals bear special markings and tattoos across their body, which vary in appearance and design from individual to individual. Some, if not all, of the Guardian Generals have cyborg-like interiors due to Mantra converting their most combatively used body parts into metal, and they wear distinct clothing which differs from the other demigod warriors.

Powers and Abilities

Being the most elite warriors of the Demigod Army, the Guardian Generals possessed many supernatural powers and abilities standard to the demigod race, such as superhuman physical abilities, immortality, enhanced regenerative healing factor, flight, teleportation, the ability to survive in inhuman areas such as the vacuum of space, and the ability to generate and control Mantra. Each General also possesses a Mantra Affinity and powers associated with that type of Mantra Affinity. Since a Guardian General is the strongest demigod of Shinkoku Trastrium, they are far stronger than regular demigods.


  • The Eight Guardian Generals were loyal to the Emperor until Deus murdered him.
  • The current roster of Eight Guardian Generals are the last to be called such as a result of Deus' treachery.
  • The Eight Guardian Generals are based off the Eight Legions of Buddhist mythology.


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