The Seven Deities
A depiction of the Seven Deities banishing Asura
A depiction of the Seven Deities banishing Asura.

Demigod Forces

The Seven Deities

The Seven Deities (七星天 Shichiseiten) were a group of powerful Demigods in charge of protecting and ruling Gaea. As result of the recent events, all of the Seven Deities are deceased.


The Seven Deities were a powerful group of demigods who watch over the Earth, which they call "Gaea". They have watched over Earth for thousands of years. Formerly known as the Eight Guardian Generals, the Seven Deities formed as part of a plan, put into action by the extremist demigod commander, Deus. The Seven Deities were created to collect the souls of mortals in order to convert them into  Mantra for the Great Rebirth and create an eternal paradise for demigods only. As part of the grand plan, the Seven Deities banished a former ally and Demigod down to Earth and had the Emperor of Shinkoku murdered in order for Deus to assume control.


  • Deus - De facto leader and commander of all the Demigod Forces
  • Olga - Deus' second-in-command and commander of the Shinkoku Orbital Fleet
  • Sergei - Deus' right-hand man and Collector of Souls
  • Augus - Deus' old rival/Asura's teacher
  • Kalrow - Tactician and battle strategist for the Demigod Forces.
  • Wyzen - Collector of Souls and Demigod Powerhouse
  • Yasha - Deus' personal pupil and Asura's brother-in-law



A trapped Mithra, along with a few of the members watch as Deus punish Asura for his actions.

The Seven Deities appear similar to humans, along with wearing decorative armor and traditional symbols imprinted on their body, giving them a mythical look. Closer analysis of their bodies reveal elements of their physiology are mechanical internally while taking on a clay texture on the outside layers of their skin.

Powers and Abilities

The Seven Deities, being exceptionally Mantra-enhanced demigods, possess many godlike powers that vary between members. These include immortality, superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, endurance, dexterity, durability, regeneration, high skills in unarmed combat, flight, teleportation, shapeshifting, and the ability to survive in places where normal beings couldn't, like the moon or space. They have also shown the ability to increase their power to new godlike levels by harnessing the power of the Mantra.


  • When a member of the Seven Deities is killed their bodies disappear in a vast array of colored lights (excluding Kalrow and Wyzen who were killed via crushing and detonation), and they didn't show to have a soul within their body.
  • All of the Seven Deities have glowing, orange colored blood.
  • The notes for the illustrations of Asura in the extras section states that mantra reactors within the demigods convert frequently used parts of the demigods' bodies into durable metal (i.e. Asura's arms, Yasha's fingers, Wyzen's fists, etc.)
  • The Seven Deities may be loosely based on the Japanese Seven Gods of Fortune, given their divine nature and immense influence over humans.
  • The Seven Deities may possibly be based on the Seven Deadly Sins.
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