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The Seven Deities
A depiction of the Seven Deities banishing Asura.png
A depiction of the Seven Deities banishing Asura.

Demigod Forces

The Seven Deities




  • Deus
  • Olga
  • Sergei
  • Augus
  • Kalrow
  • Wyzen
  • Yasha (former, defected)




  • Rule and protect Gaea and its inhabitants
  • Collect the souls of mortals to attain more power
  • Defeat Gohma Vlitra and the Gohma to achieve the Great Rebirth
Quote1.png Then, just when it was believed all hope was lost, seven pillars of light poured down from the heavens, and the remaining seven guardian generals appeared. Under the command of great Deus, they fought heroically against their brother who had betrayed them, and avenged their Emperor's death by sending Asura to his own. Thenceforth they became known as the Seven Deities, and they watch over the humans from the heavens. Quote2.png
— The history of the Seven Deities

The Seven Deities (七星天 Shichiseiten), formerly the Eight Guardian Generals, were a group of powerful Demigods in charge of protecting and ruling Gaea and its inhabitants. The main goal of the Seven Deities was to seek to gain power, by any means necessary, so they can wipe out the Gohma and defeat Gohma Vlitra once and for all, with the ultimate goal of achieving the Great Rebirth.

As result of the events that occurred throughout all of the story, all of the Seven Deities are deceased, with six (counting Yasha) of the members being killed by Asura and the last one by someone else. Yasha, despite joining the Seven Deities, turned against them and started helping Asura.


A trapped Mithra, along with some of the members, watch as Deus punish Asura for his actions.

The Seven Deities appear similar to humans, along with wearing decorative armor and clothing and traditional symbols imprinted on their body, giving them a mythical look. Closer analysis of their bodies reveal elements of their physiology are mechanical internally while taking on a clay texture on the outside layers of their skin.


Head Deity

  • Deus - De facto leader and commander of all the Demigod Forces


  • Olga - Deus' second-in-command and commander of the Shinkoku Orbital Fleet
  • Sergei - Deus' right-hand man and Collector of Souls
  • Augus - Deus' old rival/Asura's teacher
  • Kalrow - Tactician and battle strategist for the Demigod Forces.
  • Wyzen - Collector of Souls and Demigod Powerhouse
  • Yasha - Deus' personal pupil and Asura's brother-in-law and rival


The Seven Deities

The Seven Deities were a powerful group of demigods who watch over the Earth, which they call "Gaea". They have watched over Earth for thousands of years. Formerly known as the Eight Guardian Generals, the Seven Deities formed as part of a plan, put into action by the extremist demigod commander, Deus. The Seven Deities were created to collect the souls of mortals in order to convert them into Mantra for the "Great Rebirth" and create an eternal paradise for demigods only. As part of the grand plan, the Seven Deities had the Emperor of Shinkoku assassinated under Deus' orders in order for Deus to assume control, and they blamed the murder on a former ally and Demigod. They effectively framed him for it and betrayed him, killing and banishing him into Naraka, and kidnapping his daughter, Mithra, and murdering his wife, Durga, who was murdered by Sergei and was also Yasha's sister.

12,000 Years Later

As Asura resurrects and is brought back from Naraka with his wrath in full effect, he goes on a personal quest of vengeance upon his former allies, as each of them attempts to kill Asura to prevent him from interfering with their grand plan. Asura seeks to kill the deities and save his daughter.

Wyzen is the first member of the Seven Deities to be killed by Asura, being killed while in his Gongen form, in which it was destroyed by Asura following a barrage of lightning fast punches and a devastating final punch to his fingertip, causing it to implode, triggering a massive chain reaction, which slowly destroyed his body. After killing Wyzen, Asura reencounters Yasha, whom he argues and engages in a battle with, but is swiftly killed and sent to Naraka a second time.

500 Years Later

Asura resurrects once again after five centuries. Following a series of events in which Asura realizes the genocidal and extremist methods the Seven Deities use to collect mantra, Kalrow is the second member of the Seven Deities to be killed by Asura, being crushed to death while trying to escape from him in a pod. Whilst being slowly crushed, Kalrow tells Asura about the Great Rebirth the Seven Deities are trying to achieve and its benefits to Gaea and humanity, as well as the need of Mithra in their plan, nonetheless, Asura kills him.

Due to the damage Asura sustained from the fall after killing Kalrow, he is rescued by his former mentor, Augus, who takes him into a bath house. Augus converses briefly about the Seven Deities and how he thinks of Deus' Great Rebirth as "ridiculous", stating he is only in the Seven Deities so he can fulfill his thirst for battles. Finally, Asura and Augus engage in a clash, and after an arduous battle between student and teacher, Augus is disemboweled and killed by Asura. With their battle, Augus was sure that Asura had become strong enough to achieve his goal and kill the remaining Deities, and more importantly, achieve his goal of rescuing Mithra.

While wandering around a village, Asura is found by Olga along with an armada of ships, that proceed to devastate the village and kill its civillians. This event and the injustice the Seven Deities bring upon the mortals infuriates Asura to a level never seen before, to the point where he enters a Berserker form and pulverizes Olga's entire armada in moments. Some time later, Olga orders the Brahmastra to be fired at Asura so he can be killed permanently, but due to Yasha's interference because of the massive consumption of mantra it would take, Asura manages to survive, albeit injured. Yasha then starts questioning himself about the legitimacy of the Seven Deities' cause. Since the Brahmastra was fired and a vast amount of mantra was consumed, Olga is punished by Deus.

Another "purification" is ordered to a nearby village, with Sergei and Yasha taking place in it. The Gohma appear and are defeated by Yasha and Sergei, and the villagers' souls collected, as the Seven Deities had been doing for the past twelve centuries. Shortly after, Asura appears and quickly disembowels Sergei. While dying, Sergei admits he was the one who murdered Durga, Yasha's sister and Asura's wife, and is then head-stomped to death by Asura in his Wrath form. A wrathful Asura attacks Yasha, with Yasha constantly trying to explain the goal of the Seven Deities, but he is irritated by Asura's ignorance and attacks him. After a moment of battle, Yasha reverts Asura back to his normal state and knocks him unconscious instead of killing him, realizing Asura has the power necessary to save the world. He then proclaims himself no longer a member of the Seven Deities.

Yasha goes to argue with Deus about the cause of the Seven Deities and the power they need to save the world. Perceiving it as an insult to his cause and his godly power, Deus fights Yasha, and some time later Asura too. Yasha, no longer a member of the Seven Deities, joins forces with Asura to defeat Deus and put an end to the injustice of the cause. As the two demigods, Asura and Deus, clash, the leader of the Seven Deities is critically wounded and ultimately killed by Asura.

Olga is the last remaining member of the Seven Deities alive, but is quickly killed by Chakravartin after she attempts to kill Mithra.

Powers and Abilities

The Seven Deities, being exceptionally Mantra-enhanced demigods, possess many godlike powers that vary between members. These include immortality, superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, endurance, dexterity, durability, regeneration, high skill in unarmed combat, flight, teleportation, shapeshifting, and the ability to survive in places where normal beings could not, like the moon or space. They have also shown the ability to increase their power to new godlike levels by harnessing the power of the Mantra.


  • When a member of the Seven Deities is killed their bodies disappear in a vast array of colored lights (excluding Kalrow and Wyzen who were killed via crushing and detonation), and they did not show to have a soul within their body.
  • All of the Seven Deities have glowing, orange colored blood.
  • The notes for the illustrations of Asura in the extras section states that mantra reactors within the demigods convert frequently used parts of the demigods' bodies into durable metal (i.e. Asura's arms, Yasha's fingers, Wyzen's enormous fist, etc.)
  • The Seven Deities may be loosely based on the Japanese Seven Gods of Fortune, given their divine nature and immense influence over humans.
  • The Seven Deities may possibly be based on the Seven Deadly Sins.