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The War of Creation
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Quote1 As such, we and the Gohma have been destined to fight each other for all eternity. Quote2
— Yasha explains the eternal conflict

The War of Creation is a never-ending conflict struggled between the Demigods and the Gohma.


Thousands of years ago, prior to the beginning of the story, with the power of Mantra at its disposal, the Trastrium Civilization advanced at an exponential rate. Pollution and overpopulation began to harm the planet, and Mother Gaea became enraged with the cycle of life and death being grossly disrupted with the souls of mortals not returning to it once they left their bodies. In retaliation, Gaea, induced by Chakravartin, gave birth to the Gohma in an attempt to take back the souls that had been converted into Mantra. By corrupting life on Gaea, the Gohma assumed the appearance of the animals residing in the planet. Among them, the one called Gohma Vlitra became the very will of the planet and the embodiment of Gaea's wrath against the Demigods, being considered the source of all Gohma, and the ultimate threat to civilisation itself. Thus began the eternal struggle between the Trastrium Civilization and the Gohma, often referred to as the "War of Creation".