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Quote1 Asura the traitor; Asura the destructor; You do not belong in this world. Die! Quote2
— Wyzen to Asura

Wyzen (ワイゼン, Waizen) is a Demigod and the Powerhouse of the Seven Deities. His Mantra Affinity is Violence. He was formerly one of the Eight Guardian Generals and former Guardian General of Violence, who served the Army of Shinkoku and the Emperor to fight against the Gohma.


AW - Wyzen

Wyzen is the tallest and largest member of the Seven Deities, having a great level of girth to match his size. His age of appearance is stated to be 32. He has a dark skin tone and wears the symbols and markings which most Deities do on his arms, torso, and face. He has a beard made of golden-colored hair while the hair on his head wis tied up in a bundle. Wyzen wears crimson and yellow baggy pants with a purple sash and a vest matching the same colors. His most notable trait is his massive metallic golden right arm which portrayed an ornately formed structure and a face carved into the middle.


Wyzen is loyal as well as cocky, arrogant and brutish, which tends to get the best of him in battle. This is shown when he taunted Asura incessantly and showed off his powers at the cost of underestimating his opponent. He takes great pride in his status as a god and flaunts it towards others at any given opportunity, as well as loving to be adored as a god. He is known for being incredibly dramatic and loves to strike extravagant poses to others to emphasize his greatness.

He also appears to lack a degree of common sense and reason, as he casually wasted a vast amount of Mantra the Seven Deities had collected for the Great Rebirth in a final attempt to destroy Asura, causing Kalrow to call him an idiot. Wyzen is also one of the most prejudiced members of the Seven Deities, as he discriminates humans and sees them as greatly inferior beings to himself and his kind. He goes out of his way to speak in a condescending manner. It is strongly implied that Wyzen is the God of Violence.


Early Life

Wyzen was once a brute who never thought things through, but after becoming one of the Eight Guardian Generals, he became a powerful warrior who wanted to protect Shinkoku from the Gohma.

Before Asura is betrayed, Wyzen first appears alongside Sergei and Kalrow and tries to persuade Asura into Deus's cause but he refuses.

Wyzen - Asura - Augus - Yasha

Wyzen with Asura, Augus and Yasha battling the Gohma

Later he appears aiding him alongside Yasha and Augus during the battle against the Gohma above the planet, Gaea.

Following after the victory against the Gohma, he then found out about the Emperor's death due to being "murdered" by Asura. He quickly deemed him a 'traitorous filth' upon cornering him. Wyzen sent out Shinkoku troops to subdue Asura, but after they prove to be no match for the demigod, Wyzen is intent on killing Asura himself. However, he too is knocked out by the demigod's ferocious strength.

12,000 Years later

When Asura returns from Naraka after 12,000 years, Wyzen became one of the Seven Deities. As Asura was wandering a village worshipping the demigods, a group of Gohma appear and attack the village. Shortly after, Wyzen's army is summoned and kills the remaining Gohma. Wyzen appears and confronts Asura, mocking him about his failure. Wyzen introduces himself as one of the Seven Deities and taunts Asura about his powerlessness against them. Enraged, Asura engages Wyzen in battle. Wyzen seems to be overpowered at first, however, he and the Deities were much more powerful than twelve millennia ago, and he transforms into his giant form, Vajra Wyzen, to crush Asura.

Stating that the power granted to them by Mithra, Asura's daughter, made them ascend to incredible heights, Wyzen now easily overwhelms Asura and pummels him into the ground. As Asura's rage grows from Wyzen belittling him and ranting about how Mithra suffers because of his betrayal, he transforms into his Six-Armed Vajra form and the two clash once again. Wyzen fights Asura on the ground and in the sky, both their fists hitting against each other in the sky when Wyzen dives at Asura with his Kurikara Fudo Uchi attack. However, Asura's rage grants him the power to overwhelm Wyzen and hits his massive body with such force, that Wyzen is shot into space.


Wyzen being destroyed by Asura and causing a massive explosion

Asura had defeated Wyzen, at least it seemed so. Wyzen, floating over Gaea, doesn't accept his defeat and decides to unleash his full power. By using the Mantra Reactor's power, Wyzen transforms into Gongen Wyzen, his most powerful form, which was as huge as Gaea itself. Using only his finger, Wyzen tries to destroy Asura for good. Full of rage, Asura collects all of his power and stands his ground against Wyzen's finger. Before he could completely be crushed, Asura remembers his past and the betrayal of his fellow comrades. Asura is filled with indelible rage, and begins an onslaught on Wyzen's gigantic finger, punching it unrelentlessly with all six of his arms, losing five of his arms in the process. Using the only arm he has left and the uncontrollable wrath that fuels him, Asura gathers every ounce of strength he has and delivers one final massive punch at the cost of his last arm, causing Gongen Wyzen's fingertip to implode. This causes a chain reaction that slowly obliterates Wyzen's body. Shocked, Wyzen could only watch as his body was completely destroyed.

500 Years later

As Asura heads off to confront the God of Mantra, Chakravartin, in the final battle to reclaim his daughter, Wyzen's spirit watches him alongside his fellow Deities and Asura's wife, Durga, seemingly cheering him on.

870 Million Years later

Wyzen later reincarnated into the modern world where he accidentally bumped into the reincarnated Mithra, which made the reincarnated Asura mad and beat him up. He also works at a Restaurant.

Powers and Abilities

As the Powerhouse of the Seven Deities and an elite demigod of the former Eight Guardian Generals, Wyzen is very powerful and possesses many superhuman abilities. He can easily destroy massive Gohma in one blow. In addition to his regular abilities, Wyzen wields an enormous golden gauntlet that allows him to crush most enemies with ease.

As one of the Eight Guardian Generals and the Seven Deities, Wyzen possesses one of the eight Mantra affinities; the Mantra Affinity of Violence.

Wyzen was also capable of transforming, which further augmented his already enormous power and superhuman physical abilities to much greater levels. He was the first demigod who has shown the ability to shapeshift several times, and is one of the few beings along with Asura with that power.

Physical Abilities

Superhuman Strength: As one of the original fighters of the Eight Guardian Generals and Powerhouse of the Seven Deities, Wyzen possesses herculean strength. Coupled with his enormous gauntlet, Wyzen is strong enough to casually destroy massive Gohma like a Gohma Carrier with a single punch. Wyzen also uses his immense superhuman strength to leap great heights and distances.

Superhuman Speed, Agility & Reflexes: Despite his large size and overweight body, Wyzen can move and fight at very high speeds and is very agile, being capable of jumping great heights and performing impressive acrobatic stunts with ease.

Superhuman Durability & Endurance: Due to this enormous body as well as his demigod physiology, Wyzen had immense superhuman resilience, and was capable of withstanding several blows from Asura.

Superhuman Stamina: As a demigod, Wyzen likely had near-limitless stamina, as he was able to fight Asura in a long duel without ever showing to tire out.

Master-Hand-to-Hand Combatant: As an elite demigod warrior and member of the former Eight Guardian Generals, Wyzen is a fierce and highly capable fighter with centuries-worth of combat experience.

Immortality: As a demigod, Wyzen possessed immortality and was unable to age. He is 32 in body and mind, but would not age and his lifespan was eternal thanks to Mantra and his demigod physiology. He also could not be killed by conventional methods and could only be destroyed by other deities and the Gohma.

Vacuum Adaptation: As a demigod, Wyzen is able to survive in outer space unaided and without any form of discomfort. He is not affected by the lack of atmosphere and increased level of cosmic radiation.


Mantra of Violence: Wyzen's Mantra Affinity is Violence. Like the other former Eight Guardian Generals and later Deities, Wyzen can harness the power of the Mantra to increase his physical attributes and destructive power. Wyzen can concentrate Mantra in his giant gauntlet to deliver extremely powerful blows. Like the other demigods, Wyzen is also able to manifest his halo to achieve greater power.

  • Kurikara Fudo Uchi: Wyzen's trademark move with his massive gauntlet, in which he concentrates a large amount of Mantra into his fist and dives at his opponent at high speeds coupled with his size to inflict immense damage. The attack is capable of killing a Gohma Crusher in one blow and momentarily rival Asura in his Six-Armed Vajra form in a fist clash.
  • Mantra Orbs: Wyzen is able to form large orbs of yellow Mantra from within his gauntlet.
  • Flight: Wyzen possesses the ability to fly and propel himself at incredibly high speeds by releasing Mantra from his body. He is capable of doing so with great maneuverability through the vacuum of space.
  • Soul Extraction: Like the other deities, Wyzen possessed the ability to extract the souls of mortals with his gauntlet.
  • Halo: As all powerful demigods, especially those who possess one of the eight Mantra affinities, Wyzen is able to activate his halo to unleash his full power.


Golden Gauntlet: Wyzen's most notable weapon is his enormous metallic golden gauntlet that he wields in his right arm, which portrayed an ornately formed structure and a face carved into the middle. The massive gauntlet increases his already enormous physical strength even further, allowing him to crush most opponents with ease. His gauntlet can also serve as a shield.

  • Missiles: Wyzen's giant gauntlet hides an array of large missiles which he can fire.


Vajra Wyzen


Vajra Wyzen

Wyzen possessed the ability to shapeshift, as seen when he transformed into his gigantic form, Vajra Wyzen (金剛 ワイゼン, Kongō Waizen), becoming over 100 meters tall.

This form granted him a massive boost in strength, durability and power, as evident when he easily overwhelmed and pummeled Asura. He was also strong enough to briefly rival Six-Armed Vajra Asura, before being overpowered by Asura's growing rage and strength and subsequently being launched into space, though suffering no injuries. Wyzen was also capable of firing an array of missiles and Mantra spheres at once while in this form, as well as the missiles and Mantra spheres having increased destructive capability.

Gongen Wyzen


Gongen Wyzen

Later, Wyzen transforms into his god-like and most powerful form, Gongen Wyzen (大権規 ワイゼン 入道), after activating the Mantra Reactor. This form grants him a preposterous size enhancement, making him roughly as large as Gaea itself, and augmenting his already enormous strength, durability and power to incalculable heights. However, this form was noted to consume vast amounts of Mantra and requires him tremendous effort to maintain, as well as slows down his movements when pushed to the limit.


  • "What Lord Deus spoke of was true. It has been a while, traitor. I never actually thought you would be foolish enough to come back!"--To Asura
  • "Hmph...Do not tell me you have forgotten everything? How could you forget the Great Wyzen! Open your eyes, traitor! Kneel before one of the Seven Deities!"--To Asura
  • "The Eight Guardian Generals who knew only war are no more! We Seven Deities rule and maintain order throughout the world. We have become gods! And you are a fossil, Asura. Your power is nothing more than a vestige of the past. Defeating the Great Wyzen is a dream within a dream! Enough chat! Time to die!"--To Asura
  • "Ah, how pitiful. Your ears have become so sullied that you cannot even comprehend words of purity! Feel my wrath!"--To Asura
  • "Scared speechless, are you? While you had slumbered for 12,000 years, we attained new heights! Witness the power bestowed upon us by our Priestess, your very daughter, Mithra!"--To Asura (After transforming)
  • "Can you feel it? She suffers to atone for your sins and to bring about the Great Rebirth. Oh, it is such a tragedy. If you care for your daughter then kneel before me. You are no longer a Demigod. You are nothing more than a traitor."--To Asura
  • "Do you think a mere monkey like you can defeat a god!? Behold! I shall show you our true power! Mantra Reactor, release!! I call upon the power of the Mantra!!"--To Asura (before changing into his final form)
  • "I am Wyzen of the Seven Deities. I am an absolute being that protects the world and its mortals."--To Asura
  • "Asura the traitor; Asura the destructor; You do not belong in this world. Die!"-- To Asura
  • "We...Aaaaaargh!!"--Wyzen (Last Words)


  • ​ Wyzen's name is plausibly another form of the old word 'weasand', which was the name for the gullet, throat, or esophagus. This name most likely refers to Wyzen's enormous girth and his propensity for bellowing monologues.
  • The Gongen name in his final form was believed to be the manifestation of an Indian Buddha in the form of a local kami, an entity who had come to guide the people to salvation, which is ironic as he kills humans and takes their souls for the Brahmastra, along with the souls of any humans killed by the Gohma.
  • Wyzen's final form, Gongen Wyzen, resembles a Daibutsu, a large statue of Buddha.
  • Gongen Wyzen is widely considered to be one of the largest bosses in video game history.
  • Wyzen's Septentrion is named "Merak" (巨門), which corresponds to one of the seven stars that form the plough constellation and the larger Ursa Major constellation.
  • Wyzen is the only character other than Asura and Chakravartin to show more than one transformation.
  • According to Kalrow, Wyzen is the weakest of all Seven Deities which is very ironic, as Wyzen is one of the more powerful members of the Seven Deities whereas Kalrow is one of the weaker members.
  • Wyzen and Yasha are the only ones of the Eight Guardian Generals whose Mantra Affinity is not one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • According to the concept art of the game, Vajra Wyzen is over 100 meters tall.


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