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Alias Yasha of the Seven Deities (formerly)
Lord Yasha
General Yasha (formerly)
Gender Male
Race Demigod
Deity/God (God of Melancholy)
Age Appearance: 29
Mantra Affinity Melancholy
Affiliation Seven Deities (formerly)
Eight Guardian Generals (formerly)
Occupation Member of the Seven Deities (formerly, defected)
Guardian General (formerly)
Family Durga (Sister)
Mithra (Niece)
Asura (Brother-in-law)
Voice Actors
Japanese Junichi Suwabe (諏訪部 順一, Suwabe Jun'ichi)
English Robin Atkin Downes
Quote1 When you live amongst the stars, you lose sight of what is happening on the ground. Quote2
— Yasha to himself

Yasha (ヤシャ, Yasha) is the deuteragonist and secondary playable character of Asura's Wrath, and a member of the Seven Deities and the brother of Durga, brother-in-law of Asura, and uncle of Mithra. He is the eternal rival of Asura. He was formerly one of the Eight Guardian Generals, and the Guardian General of Melancholy. Despite joining the Seven Deities, he turned against them and started helping Asura. His Mantra Affinity is Melancholy.


Yasha is a young man with hazel eyes, a black goatee, and shoulder-length black hair with a part of it wrapped in a bun, and bangs sticking out from the left front of his forehead. He also wears crescent-shaped earrings. He has traditional markings and prints mottled around his body, a trait all male Demigods appear to share. His clothing and attire consist of a decorated style commonly attributable to the deities of Japanese mythology, complete with dual white scarves trailing behind his shoulders (the Japanese wind god, Fujin, is also known to wear a long white mantlecloth around his shoulders). Also, Yasha often wears a golden mask which makes it his most recognizable feature of him, protecting his face from brutal attacks.

During his time in training with Augus and Deus he didn't have a beard, and wore a black gi, black hakama, fingerless gloves and wraps on his ankles.


Yasha is a kind and benevolent demigod who strives to protect Gaea and appeal to a morally correct standard. He was often seen as notably depressed by the plights of both demigods and humans and strived for a way to bring peace to the world. Yasha is in a number of ways the antithesis of Asura. He is emotionally cool, level-headed, collected and melancholic; traits that oppose Asura's seething rage and hot-blooded passion. He was willing to sacrifice his own life in the end for a chance to stop the destruction of the world. Due to Asura being his former best friend/rival and brother in law, Yasha tended to have many heated arguments with him about who was stronger and behaviors which flared into combat and ended in calm reconciliation. Yasha also had a close bond with his sister, Durga, and was devastated over her death as well as tormented by the fact he could not avenge her life. Although he joined the Seven Deities, he was still unsure whether or not he should help his former best friend Asura in his quest for vengeance or stay on the side of his fellow deities.

Due to the many purifications and harvests of souls done by him and The Seven Deities, he became incredibly distraught and unsure of himself and the Deus' grand plan to save the world at the cost of so many innocent lives. During his time as one of The Seven Deities, Yasha also displayed self-loathing and hatred for his own atrocities, referring to himself as a "demon" for following the cause.  He began wearing the golden mask to suppress his emotions, but even that did not hide the sorrow he felt for his actions. In the end, his morality proved to overpower his loyalty to Deus' cause, with him betraying Deus and saving and joining Asura to stop him. Yasha also harbored a hidden temper which notably flared when dealing with those who refused to listen to reason or were committing actions he felt were deplorable (i.e. Asura's uncontrollable temper and Deus' orchestration of murders). Hints were given that Yasha is the God of Melancholy.


Asura in his training days

Yasha was Augus' and later Deus' student

Yasha was born in Shinkoku Trastrium to middle class family and joined the Shinkoku Army as an apprentice under the Guardian General of Greed. He and his fellow apprentice and rival, Asura, were training under Augus until Deus took him under his wing.

Asura eventually became romantically involved with Yasha's sister, Durga, and bore a daughter by the name of Mithra, making a promise to Yasha that they would work together to create a safer world for her.

Yasha joins Deus' Cause

Yasha joined Deus' Cause

He eventually became one of Eight Guardian Generals along with Asura, and together with the other Generals they fought the dark forces of the Gohma. However, after their latest battle against the Gohma and Vlitra, Durga was murdered causing Yasha to hate Asura and blame him for her death. After seeing all the suffering caused by the Gohma, Yasha decided to join Deus' "Cause".

12,000 Years Later

Yasha's reencounter with Asura

Yasha's reencounter with Asura

After Wyzen's defeat, Yasha met Asura on the battleground, wearing his golden mask. Saying that Asura should let Mithra go, he made Asura even angrier. Asura shouted "I'll knock that mask off your arrogant face!" and attacked him, but Yasha proved to be more powerful due to Asura being forced to fight with only his head and feet (since he shattered his arms against Gongen Wyzen). Yet with all his rage, Asura attacked Yasha once more, hitting Yasha with a powerful headbutt, finally cracking the mask. The mask fell down to the ground, as well as the exhausted Asura. Yasha, now unmasked, used his mantra to cleave through Asura's body, killing him once more.

500 Years Later

500 years later, Asura returned a second time, and manages to wipe out Kalrow's fleet and kill him. Olga ordered the attack on a village, killing everyone but Asura, who, in his rage and sorrow, became a demon of absolute and uncontollable wrath. Wondering why Asura is still coming back, even after losing everything, Yasha discusses the matter with Olga. Enraged, Olga ordered to use the Brahmastra. Seeing that this would consume a massive amount of the gathered Mantra, Yasha yelled at Olga to stop, but she did not listen and continued with her attack. Confused and angry, Yasha went out to stop the Brahmastra, killing the Shinkoku soldiers that tried to stop him.

Although Yasha's speed was admirable, he came too late and Olga fired the Brahmastra. The transformed Asura tried to counter it, but he failed and was near death. Using his full power, Yasha smashed against the Karma Fortress with his foot to alter the Brahmastra's course. The Brahmastra was successfully moved and Asura's life saved. Yasha was then conflicted with the Cause's legitimacy. Knowing that his deed could be a sign of treason, Yasha went to Deus to reporting him the situation and his reason. Deus agreed with Yasha that the Mantra is more important than Asura's defeat, however, Olga arrives, saying that Yasha betrayed them.

Being aware of the current situation, Deus ordered Olga to leave, but she ignored Deus order, which resulted in being punished. Hurt, Olga retreated while Deus told Sergei to take Yasha with him to purify a village. A large army of Gohma were traversing towards the village. Sergei told Yasha to destroy the village but Yasha didn't accept this and jumped down to fight the Gohma. During his fall he killed many Gohma forces and shot into the ground, which later resulted in the rest of the Gohma force's demise.

He later found Sergei ordering the attack, resulting in the destruction of the village and the annihilation of the Gohma. Sergei arrived at the scene to collect the souls of the dead. Yasha was slowly thinking if the Cause was nothing more than a lie, when suddenly Sergei's fleet was destroyed and the demon Asura showed up. Crying in fear, Sergei was struck down by Asura. Shocked by Asura's immense change, Yasha stood still while Asura was holding Sergei's body. Despite being fatally wounded, Sergei mocked Asura and Yasha, telling them that it was him who murdered Durga and took Mithra. Yasha answered that he knew, with Sergei

Yasha Vs Wrath Asura

replying that Yasha took the Cause over his sister, which made Yasha angry. Screaming with rage, Asura smashed Sergei into the ground and crushed his head, killing him and avenging his wife. Then Asura and Yasha engaged in battle and fought with all their strength. During a huge attack, Yasha's mask broke completely. Saying that Asura was only an ignorant maniac with power which would destroy him, Yasha stomped on the mask's remains and engaged Asura.

After various hits, Yasha smashed Asura through a few hills. Finally his full powers awakened, Yasha made his choice, he wanted to rescue Asura. He defeated Asura which also returned the latter to normal, and went out to defeat Deus alone, claiming that he is no longer one of the Seven Deities. Yasha confronted Deus, saying that he found a solution of destroying Vlitra without harvesting souls. Deus asked him to demonstrate it, and they engaged in a fight. However, Deus was much stronger, and Yasha was defeated. Deus seemed to be the victor, but Asura joined Yasha and together they fought Deus. Seeing his nearby defeat, Deus merged with the Karma Fortress to kill his former subordinates. Asura and Yasha used their combined power to defeat Deus. The victory was short lived, Vlitra emerged from Gaia, more powerful than ever. Deus, before dying, claimed that he was the only one who could defeat Vlitra and now with his death Gaea was doomed. Mithra was freed and was happy to see her uncle, Yasha responds with saying that he is not worthy of being called her uncle.

For one last battle, Yasha and Asura went out to save Gaea. The power of Vlitra was too much for them to handle, but Mithra used her Mantra Manipulation powers to grant Asura immense power, which was able to defeat Vlitra, and revitalize Yasha as well. Vlitra was nearly destroyed but its core was still alive, so Asura and Yasha flew into Gaea's and Vlitra's core itself. Vlitra's core had great power, but the two demigods finally defeated Vlitra, killing it one last time and Yasha knew that his path was the right one. They returned to the Karma Fortress but Olga was threatening Mithra with a sword, saying that they took Deus from her and that she will never see him again. When Olga tried to cut Mithra, her sword was pulled away by golden strings. After hearing a voice, Olga was killed by the Golden Spider which turned out to be the true god of the Mantra. The Golden Spider took Mithra into a cocoon, emerging as a deity which shocked Yasha and Asura. They engaged Chakravartin in fight, but he was too strong for them.

While Asura tries to save Mithra in his Wrath form, she sends Asura falling down to Gaea to prevent along with Yasha to prevent their death in the hands of Chakravartin. Awakening on the surface, Yasha realizes that, because of his unending determination even against impossible odds, Asura is the only one who can save the planet. Yasha defends the unconscious Asura from surviving Gohma, then installs the Mantra Reactor from the Brahmastra into Asura. The reactor will prevent Asura from destroying himself in the final battle, and can augment his powers to stand against Chakravartin. Yasha then removes his own mantra core to revive Asura, and prepares to battle him as a catalyst for Asura's new potential.

The Final Battle Against Chakravartin:

Later Asura awakens to find Yasha eager to battle, a new mask on his face and bandages wrapped around his chest, telling him it was time to find out "who is strongest" of the two.

The two clash in a flurry of devastating blows, during which Asura gains the upper hand as Yasha pushes him to unconsciously activating the reactor. The two have a brief flashback of an intense spar they had long ago where they resolved themselves to make the world a safe place for Mithra when she was born, showing a brief moment of friendship between the two.

After the flashback, the fight becomes more intense as Yasha now battles Asura in his awakened state, no longer holding back. As the battle reaches its climax, the two charge each other for one final attack. As the two throw their final punches, Asura manages to dodge Yasha's strike. However, before Asura can deliver the final blow to Yasha, he observes Yasha smiling underneath his mask. Asura halts his attack, however the bandages that covered Yasha's chest were blown away from the force of the onslaught, revealing Yasha's now heartless chest. Asura's chest plate opens, revealing the Mantra Reactor fused into his chest. As Yasha's mask shatters and falls to the ground, Asura realizes that it was Yasha who revived him. Now knowing that Asura is at his strongest and ready to face Chakravartin, Yasha tells him to save Mithra and dies with a smile upon his face.

As Yasha's body begins to fade away, Asura bumps his fist against Yasha's, finally acknowledging Yasha as the brother that he always considered him to be.

Millions of years later in the post-credits, scene all of the Seven Deities as well as Durga and Mithra have been reincarnated in the modern day. Yasha meets up with his sister and niece as well as his reincarnated brother-in-law. When a meteor strikes, he takes the two girls to safety as Asura stands his ground. 

Powers and Abilities

As one of the elite fighters of the Seven Deities and the Former Eight Guardian Generals, Yasha is immortal and possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, dexterity and endurance.

  • Skilled Pilot: Yasha was very skilled in piloting his Corvette Lone Wolf.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Due to his extensive training as a soldier, a martial artist and a member of the Eight Guardian Generals, Yasha is an excellent warrior and has mastered many areas of fighting including hand-to-hand combat and martial arts. Yasha possesses extraordinary dexterity and coordination, and is also able to read his opponent's moves. His extraordinary hand-to-hand combat prowess makes him one of the finest combatants in the Demigod Fleet, on par with Asura in terms of physical combat skills. Even before Asura's supposed betrayal, Yasha was his equal which was not only the reason for their rivalry, but also for their close friendship. Yasha, along with Asura, was Augus' student, but he later became Deus' de facto student and protegé.
  • Superhuman Strength: Albeit not as outstanding as his speed and agility, Yasha displayed great superhuman strength, as shown when he could damage and defeat large Gohma without much difficulty, produce strong shockwaves from his fists and kicks and when he striked Asura in their battle after Wyzen's demise, but also in their fights of the past and in his clash with Wrath Asura, Deus, and Gohma Vlitra.
  • Superhuman Speed, Agility & Reflexes: In addition to his regular abilities, Yasha's greatest attribute is his immense superhuman speed and agility which he especially emphasizes in combat, allowing him to run great distances within mere seconds and move within the blink of eye. Yasha could easily defeat several Gohma within seconds, fight on par with Deus and Asura, and move through space with untraceable speed. Yasha's fast and fluid movements and accurate coordination made him possibly the fastest and most agile demigod. Just as his speed, Yasha also possessed incredible reaction speed, being able to react in less than a second to avoid being attacked by several Gohma and other demigods as fast as him.
  • Superhuman Durability & Endurance: Yasha also has a high level of durability and endurance, as he was able to remain active in various arduous situations even after battles with powerful opponents such as Deus, in which he managed to survive an unrestrained lightning strike from the Deities' leader at point blank, the Gohma Vlitra, and even Chakravartin, and still have enough strength to fight Asura with a gaping hole in his chest before his death.
  • Yasha moving at high speeds
  • Yasha releasing energy
  • Yasha cutting through Wrath Asura with his hands
  • Yasha slicing through an enemy
  • Yasha, at full power with his halo present
  • Yasha matching Wrath Asura in sheer power
  • Yasha's energy-enhanced trademark kick
  • Yasha charging his arm with energy
  • ...which he then uses to kill Asura by cutting him in two.
  • Yasha easily slicing through large Gohma creatures.
  • Mantra of Melancholy: Yasha's Mantra Affinity is Melancholy. Yasha possesses a unique ability where he can form blue mantra blades and slashes that can slice through anything, even the hardened body of the Gohma. The blades and slashes can vary in shape and power, from being able to cut lesser enemies to immensely powerful and deadly slashes and waves that travel along the ground capable of slaughtering and cutting into hundreds of pieces large Gohma and strong enemies such as Asura. Yasha also uses a mantra enhanced kick which has the raw power to smash through every known material, and even tilt the Karma Fortress' colossal head. Yasha often uses his mantra as a form of teleportation, and can also use lightning enhanced punches to draw enemies. In Episode 15.5, Yasha displayed in theory, his most powerful attack which he mentions as "the power that can save the world without bloodshed", where he continuously releases a massive amount of mantra from his body and then concentrates it in his fist, which he then strikes Deus with as he charges towards him, and even though it devastated the entire area around them, it inflicted absolutely no damage onto Deus. During the battle between Deus, Yasha displayed the ability to fire a thin shockwave of mantra that passed harmlessly through Asura and hit Deus in the head so hard it knocked him back. He used the same attack on a previous instance when fighting the Gohma. When he was protecting an unconscious Asura from the remaining Gohma, he formed a massive dome of mantra that knocked them all away.
    • Crescent-Shaped Blades: Similar to Asura, Yasha was able to fire blue crescent-shaped blades of mantra. He was able to fire dozens of blades with great slashing power and speed, in rapid succession. The blades also possessed homing properties.
  • Immortality: Such as the other demigods, Yasha had longevity and was unable to age. Futhermore, he could also survive in areas such as outer space or the moon without any form of discomfort. He also couldn't be killed by conventional means and can only be destroyed by other deities or the Gohma.


Vajra Yasha 001

Vajra Yasha

  • Vajra Yasha: Yasha can enter a state similar to Asura's Unlimited Mode, which vastly augments his speed and agility, and just as Asura he gains unlimited stamina which prevents overheating. However, unlike Asura, he doesn't become invulnerable during the mode's duration.


  • "Enough. We are bringing salvation to Gaea. There is nothing you can do. As Priestess, Mithra has dedicated herself to the salvation of our world. You should be proud."--To Asura
  • "Your daughter is devoted to the cause in order to save the world!"--To Asura
  • "Even Gods are not above reproach!"--To Olga
  • "Let us decide once and for all. Who is stronger!"--To Asura
  • "Olga! You cannot do this! With that one blast, do you realize how much Mantra will be lost? All the souls that have been given for the cause...Do you not realize that this will hinder the coming of the Great Rebirth? (Pause) Do not stray from the cause! That power is made for the eradication of the Gohma! Do not waste the souls of the dead on the likes of him!"--To Olga about using the Brahmastra against Asura
  • "All of those souls are for the cause. I will interfere..I will not let you do this!"--To himself
  • "This is not the cause I supported!"--To himself about the Seven Deities corruption
  • "When you live amongst the stars, you lose sight of what is happening on the ground"--To himself
  • "You did not possess power like that before. How did you obtain it? To be able to release that much Mantra without Mithra's divine power is unimaginable. How were you able to come this far? What spurs you? What you possess, is it something we do not? If so...The cause is...No! No matter the reason for your power, our cause is just! We shall prevail!"-- To Asura about his transformation into Wrath Asura
  • "Asura!  We, the Seven Deities, have chosen to bear this world on our shoulders. We must see the cause through, even if it invites tragedy upon ourselves. Gaea needs saving. You must want the same for her. If so, then lend us your power! It is not too late for you!"--To Asura
  • "Saving the world is no easy task! I played my part as best I could! You have no idea, do you?! You imbecile!"--To Asura about his involvement in the Great Rebirth
  • "You idiot. You'll destroy yourself with your own power. He is the enemy. I should dispose of him where he stands. But my soul tells me different! It screams to me! Do not let him die!--To himself about destroying Asura
  • "Why don't you understand? Your power could be the key! For once in your life, listen to reason!!"-- To Asura
  • "If you will not listen to reason, then listen to my fists!"--To Asura
  • "All you do is swing your fists like an idiot!"--To Asura
  • "I am Yasha of the Seven Deities no more."--To himself
  • "This is the power that can save the world without bloodshed!!"--To Deus
  • "Deus, you are blinded by your own pride. There are other paths, of bringing salvation to Gaea."--To Deus
  • "The Gohma are impure. They are our enemy. Not just of Shinkoku, but of civilization itself. As such, we and the Gohma have been destined to fight each other for all eternity. But you refused to accept that fate. It was your ambition to break the neverending cycle of war and return Gaea to our hands. (Pause) For that cause, we have taken as many human souls as we have Gohma, and attained a great power. By staining our hands in blood. The Great Rebirth..The sole reason the Seven Deities exist. The reason I have endured the billions of cries and screams for 12,000 years! But now! But now!! Asura has shown an even greater power!! There must have been a way to avoid slaughtering so many innocent humans!"--To Deus
  • "What terrible fury! Strange, isn't it? It looks like you when it's angry."--To Asura about the Vlitra Core
  • "Do you think someone like you can do something as important as save the world? You are just a fool who only knows how to break things!"--To Asura
  • "12,000 years hasn't change you at all, Asura!"--To Asura
  • "Once a fool, always a fool."--To Asura
  • "Overgrown ape."--To Asura
  • "Show me how strong you are, Asura!"--To Asura
  • "Do not think you can defeat me with punches like that!"--To Asura
  • "You are the only one who can save this world."--To Asura
  • "As dull and simple-minded as you were. I admit you are strong. Even Augus acknowledged your strength. But your body is unable to withstand the anger you carry inside you. Then there is only one thing left to do. Take this. It is the heart of the Karma Fortress that had accumulated seven trillion souls worth of Mantra: The Mantra Reactor. Pride, Lust, Greed, Sloth, Vanity, Violence, Melancholy,and Wrath. These are the Mantras that govern the world. Now that all the Mantra has been used. It is powerless alone, but it is more than enough to serve as a vessel for your wrath. The pride of the Seven Deities. I give it to you. Take it!"--To Asura
  • "Go. Save Mithra and the world."--To Asura (Last Words)


  • Yasha is the second playable character in Asura's Wrath.
  • Melancholy or Melancholia is a very severe type of depression, where the risk of suicide is even higher than the ones with clinical depression. It can be caused by tragic events, such as loss of family members or in Yasha's case, his sister.
  • According to the Guardian Bios of Asura's Wrath, Yasha's hobbies and habits mainly include mediation but he used to spent his time visiting the elderly. He also despises the smell of tobacco.
  • Despite their rivalry, he was Asura's closest friend and brother-in-law before Asura's fall.
  • Yasha's name is derived from the term "Yaksha". In Buddhism and Hinduism, Yaksha are nature-spirits often portrayed as benevolent, caring and powerful warriors. The Yaksha of mythology are also known to have a dual personality, similar to Yasha's behavior with and without his mask on.
  • Yasha's fighting style is very similar to Nanto Seiken from the anime/manga Hokuto no Ken. Both styles involve slicing into foes merely with the practitioner's body.
  • Yasha shares his cold personality with Vergil from the DMC series. Also, they have a rivalry with characters that are close to them (Yasha with Asura, and Vergil with his brother, Dante).
    • Yasha also has many traits that compare to Vegeta from the Dragon Ball series.
    • In addition to these, Yasha's constant questioning of why Asura continues to fight is also reminiscent of Samuel Rodrigues from the game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
  • With the exception of Wyzen, Yasha is the only one of the Eight Guardian Generals whose Mantra Affinity is not one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Yasha owns a hover bike named "Corvette Lone Wolf". It was able to fly and travel at extremely high speed, and could also be used for travelling in outer space.
  • The blue energy blades that Yasha can utilize in combat are similar in nature to the punch-like blast that Asura can unleash.
  • Yasha is the only deity who feels any form of guilt for his actions. He later becomes a straight up hero after switching sides.

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